October was an emotional roller coaster so forgive me for saying I’m glad it’s on its way out. I’m praying November finds me in a better place. I need to learn to stop letting worry eat away at me and start really seeing myself differently. I pray too for a bit of good news next Monday…

Here’s a little something to get us in the right state of mind for the new month.


Hands where I can see ’em. No, wait! Put them right back where you had them. 😉


  1. Mark Sheridan

    Hi Cara, long time no see, and I should read your back pages because I know I’ve been missing some great writing from you. I hope that November is a better month for you, and that whatever good news you’re praying for works out for you on Monday. I keep praying that Monday will miraculously turn into Tuesday, but it seldom happens.

    I like your hands joke, and your picture, but just be careful because apparently whoever wrote WP TOS thinks that today in 2013 all the respectable people still have sex in the dark with the lights out, since they know they must never gaze upon what I showed so clearly in my posts, which was people who looked just like they were having sex, while they were actually having sex, and even LOVING each other! What a disgraceful outrage! But apparently an outrage that took seven months to become disgraceful enough for WP to ban my blog without one single warning or complaint to me, and the moral of this story is that a little communication can go a long way to promote understanding, but no communication at all can make Mark a very articulate pain in the ass!

    Until I annoy the powers that be enough that they ban me just for being so annoying, because it’s their website and they have that right… But until then, check out my new WP blog “Tulips On An Organ”, and yes the sarcasm is quite intentional. Lol 🙂

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      Cara Thereon

      I’m extra cautious what I post because I know other people had problems. That’s why a vast majority of my risqué posts are password protected. Wouldn’t want some unchaperoned child stumbling upon my site and getting an eyeful of my goodies. Though how a child would get here is beyond me. Hope you get things worked out.

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