Good Intentions and Ass-sumptions

So… This is my late update for the 12 Week Challenge.

And I have done… Er… So…

Nothing. Nope, not a thing.

Someone needs to smack my… Hand.

I do know this week’s task was to offer a suggestion for ways to help jump-start your writing and utilizing one of the suggestions mentioned by someone else. I’ll just offer my suggestion here.

This is something I do that helps not only in writing, but when I need to stay on task for any work I have to do. The easiest way to get work done for me is to set an alarm. I click out of all distractions, figure out what I’m doing in the scene, set the alarm in 15-20 minute intervals, and write until the timer goes off. I’ll typical take a 5 minute break after and then start over.

Honestly, I find that it’s an awesome way to keep myself on task. I’m driven by the clock to write and many times will write more. The best thing is when I keep going even after the alarm is off.

G suggested writing while intoxicated. I’ve not done that, but have written while extremely tired. The mind is freer and the typos run rampant. I’ll try drunk or tipsy soon though.

So, as for the rest of my goals, you voted for Whisker Burn as the story to read. I’ll have to find a short section of that to read. My goal is to post it next week if I can get it to turn out okay. I’ll practice saying cock over and over out loud without cringing.

On my handful of days off last week I managed to edit a couple of pages of Hunter’s Gazelle. Asking myself tough questions. Am I going for deeply meaningful or a story that makes your bits tingle? Am I okay if it’s more one than the other? Hm.

I’m having an ass-crisis after the popping of my spanking cherry. I don’t think I’ve stared at my butt as much as I have over the last 2 days. While I think my little bruises are awesome, will beg the man for another session soon, I’m not thrilled about how weird my butt looks in general.

Stretch marks


I wish I had a cute, little, spankable bottom. I was not blessed with that and suddenly it’s bothering me. It’s like high school all over again because I’m thinking about what he was thinking about when he was staring at my ass. It had no bearing on his ability to actually spank me, but I can’t help contemplating it.

I don’t hate my butt. We fit each other and we’re partners for life, but I can’t help lamenting the fact that I wasn’t blessed with a tighter tush. Even at my skinniest my butt was still the same.

Can’t everyone just love my ass?! It needs love, too. Haha.

Until next time. 🙂

oh, happy first of June


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    Cara Thereon

    I was doing squats like crazy there for a long time. It’s tighter, but not sexy.

    Maybe I need to write a story about this. That always helps me process my feelings better.

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  2. creativityorcrazy

    Thanks for the timer idea. I’ll have to bear it in mind for future reference. If I’m having one of my procrastinating and not wanting to make myself write moods…I could definitely manage to squeeze 10 minutes out of me. As far as the derrier, yoga is a pretty good option too. One thing I read once gave me some food for thought…roughly it was so far as men and women…a woman’s confidence was a bigger turn on than how perfect or imperfect her body.

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