Like you want me 

I wanted to plug a delicious piece of fic I just finished. A Bitter Taste was written so well I looked at my work and wanted to weep. I’m a novice in comparison. 

I’m a sucker for well written stories, but well written erotica with a solid plot is so much better. She wrote scenes that made me squirm on so many occasions as I read. It was almost delicate how she showed the emotions. I’m super critical of erotica because I write it so to have my heart race, my thighs clench, and my brain spasm from the words? Oh. Yes. 

It made me think of how I like sex. Can I want it to be dirty and delicate at the same time? You can spare me the sweet words. Just say you want to fuck me and then do it. After I’ve given clear signals that I’m open of course. I’m easy to read usually and tend to be plain with my interest. My yes always means yes especially after I’ve reduced me to goo with a good spanking. That may not sound delicate, but man does it feel that way to me. 

Tie me down, or don’t, and then fuck me so well I can’t help but scream. Make me want to write about each sensation. Make me want to relive it when you leave. Make me feel empty and sore after you’re gone. 

Make me. 

Do it with careful finesse until I can’t be elegant or controlled in my response. 

It’s hard to find that and I’ve gotten to where I’d rather read/write about it because I’m not having it. I guess I want someone to figure me out and then treat me like they get it, but no one has patience to undo me. 

So I’ll have to write with the finesse I want executed on me. To make someone else squirm, brain spasm, pulse race. I want to leave some else a squirming mess. Do onto others as you’d want them to do until you. 


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