Unedited shortie

“This… I don’t think I can even go out of the house in this.”

It was black, tight, and far too short. Her breasts were barely contained and the hem just brushed mid thigh. She couldn’t really move and going anywhere other than the bedroom was out of the question. She glanced at herself in the mirror, nerves had her tugging at the bottom of the dress.

“Do a nice slow turn.”

She lifted her eyes to meet his in the mirror. The way he looked at her, his hunger so apparent she felt it like a caress on her skin.

Swallowing, she turned slowly for him. She wondered what he saw. Was it sway of her hips, the way her breasts pressed into the cups with each breath, or the flex of her thighs as she moved? Her pulse kicked up, a blush rushing to her cheeks.

She faced the mirror again, her eyes rising to catch his. If anything, he looked like a predator. Every muscle bunched as though he meant to pounce on her.

“I can’t go out dressed like this.”

Her voice came out low and breathy as desire rose fast in the pit of her stomach.

“Who said we were going anywhere?”

She blinked in surprise. “But the party…”

“Bend over, hands on the mirror.”

His words were a growl that made her clit pulse. Her breath rushed out in pants as she obeyed. Bending forward, she knew what he’d see. Her bare bottom and her cunt. She couldn’t help closing her eyes

“Arch your back.”

His voice registered close behind her and she moved for him. She let her back bow, spreading her legs so he could look his full. The very air seemed to change, becoming a caress.

“Good girl.”

She shivered, her skin prickling with so much awareness. She couldn’t help her moan when he placed a hand on the small of her back.

“We’re going to stay right here until I’m sure you understand how good you are.”

His fingers trailed down to brush along her parted lower lips.

“Yes, sir.”


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