You’re it 

Unedited as per usual, but I wrote something! 

I  know how you like it.

Your sigh, each and every one, as you’re pleasured. The pitch of your cry as you tumble into ecstasy.

I’ve seen your back arch hard, your ass held high as you keen with each thrust.

The blush that stains your cheeks, above and below. The welts that rise as you gasp and clench your teeth, your face a picture of tortured pleasure.

I can give you that.

I will give you that.

You sleep, so serene. I watch you breathe, the way your lips part on a sigh have me imagining them stretched around my cock. You turn to your side, pushing the covers away so your bare thigh flicks into view.

I slip inside in the same way I plan to slip inside you. Slow, easy, and with the very smile I wear at this moment.

You must sense me, feel the heat of my body as I move closer to your bed. I wait for that moment your body and mind almost connect…

I grasp the hair at the nape of your neck, and your gasp rises a growl in me that I don’t suppress.

“Help,” you breathe out before drawing in a lungful of air to scream, “help, someone help me.”

I push your face deep in the pillow, using the force to roll you to your stomach. You flail so pretty as I climb up to straddle you.

Bare thighs and pretty cotton panties. Those panties disappear under the sharp blade of my knife. I smooth my free hand along beautiful skin I’ve only spied. Your thrashing increases, threatening to buck me off. I simply smirk and punish that ass like every other man you’ve let touch you.

You still beneath me, your cries muted by fabric. I lean over your back, letting my exhale tickle your ear as I settle over you.


Your fight begins again just as I’d hoped. I delight in your thrashing, in your muffled cries, in your panic. Nothing can keep me from fucking you though.

Will fright make you dry as I take what I want? Or will the fight make your cunt slick and ease my way into the heaven I long for?

I can’t help my trembling or the tightening grip of my hand on your neck. It’s easy to undo my zipper and free myself, letting my cock lay like a pulsing beacon between your cheeks. I watch your back arch as you squirm, your shoulders bunching as you try again to push me off. Oh, sweet girl, soon I’ll be too firmly planted for you to ever unseat me. Mind… body… soul.

Leaning over you again, I turn your head, wanting to hear you that cry the first time my cock takes your cunt. My lips tease your ear, inhaling you deep for just a moment as we both hover, knowing what comes next.

“You’re it.” I whisper the words in your ear, letting my body find its way into yours.

I don’t thrust in fast, wanting to feel every inch as I discover it. Your body resists, but I enjoy that drag. Your choked whimper is everything I hoped it would be the moment it leaves your mouth.

Your hands fist in the sheets as I bottom out and our groans mingle in the air. The urge to move overwhelms my desire to stay buried forever so I heed it. I tighten my thighs around your hips and pull back so I can drive into the beautiful space your body creates for me once again. You wrap around me so perfectly that I slow so I don’t spill too soon. I move my hand around to grasp your throat the way I know you like, my smile almost feral in the dim light.

A moment this perfect deserves to be savored all night long, and many nights after.


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