#MasturbationMonday Have Fun

Trying to get back in the writing game. Something from my time at the spanking party this weekend. Check out the other options

The bed smells of sex as I press my face into the sheets.

“Don’t hold your breath.”

I breathe out and his hand lands with a crash. Or was it the hairbrush or the slapper this time? I can’t seem to focus on anything except the pain that transforms into something I can’t quite describe.

“Ask me to spank you.”

I want to, but I don’t want to. To ask for the pain you need seems wrong, but I want it so bad.

“Please, will you spank me, sir.” My voice wavers even as I push my ass out for him.

A long series of some of the hardest smacks I’ve ever received make me squirm and moan. Harder ones still make me press my face into the mattress.

He pulls me into him with an arm around my waist. “Breathe. Scream if you’d like, but do not hold your breath.”

How can such a seemingly diminutive man have the ability to render me incoherent?

Or maybe it’s the experience of being spanked that does it to me. The blanking of my mind, the giving over of some of myself, the surrendering.

“You are so fucking beautiful.”

I smile at that, but arch up with a cry as the brush heats my bottom.

“I want to hear you call out.” He uses his hands again and they fall heavy and fast. “Call out or I’ll make you.”

I moan out my pain, my throat issuing forth sounds that give a form of relief. Some part of me wants to please him with my voice.

He brings me to the brink of… Something. I want to quit, I want to cum, I want to keep going.

The fact that I’m wet, that my moans sound more like pleasure than pain always sends that shaft of confusion through me.

I want… I want…

“Please don’t stop. Please.”

I gasp and I cry out for more.

In my fuzzy brain I consider slipping my hand into my panties, but stay any movement. Because I could cum and for some reason in this moment I don’t want that to happen.

In this moment, I want to hover in this divided place. Blank brain, burning bottom, blazing insides. This is where I want him to keep me balanced forever.


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  3. Kayla Lords

    Ok first of all, a spanking party?! I go away from the internet for one weekend, and we have stories about a spanking party?! Yay you!

    Second, the pain and the impact can’t ever be fully described (you’re right) but damn I like the way you do it. Welcome back to Masturbation Monday!!

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  4. cpmandara

    That delightful space between no-man’s land… staring into space… the loss of control… not knowing who you really are and better yet, not caring. Loved it. You always write with such amazing emotion 🙂

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