I’ve been slacking on Please because of work. While I get moving on editing a bit before posting, enjoy an older story.

There’s something about the broad expanse of a man’s back that gets me unbelievably wet. It screams strength, power, and force. Just the sight of a bare back, those muscles flexed, that power displayed, is enough to render me speechless and needy.

I love a man’s back even more when it’s laid out before me while the owner of such a magnificent display bends over in front of me. I let my hands grip those narrow hips as I plow deep into their body with my favorite purple strap-on. Every muscle ripples in the most enticing way, making me thrust harder just to enjoy the lovely play of muscle and skin in the light.

The first man I ever enjoyed that way was an old flame that tried to insinuate himself back into my life. He was a selfish son of a bitch who lead me on and then left me in the lurch.

His want of me and my need to express my hurt feelings manifested in a way he didn’t anticipate. Him bent over my kitchen table, his mouth gagged, and me thrusting so hard into the tempting recesses of his tight ass.

It was my ultimatum that got him there. He wanted a piece of me? Then he needed to know exactly how it felt to be fucked over by someone. He blanched, but I promised him he could have me for as long and as often as he wanted if he gave me that one thing.

You have to understand the type of man he was. That tall, military man who was always in control. He had a swimmer’s body, thin and lanky with ropy muscles and a broad back that made my pussy weep. Something about having him and making him my bitch turned me into this nasty girl.

He played the part of a reluctant submissive, but the moment I slipped my lubed fingers into his asshole he was hard as a rock. It was surreal touching him like that. His sphincter was a vise around me and the heat of his body was unreal.

I was gentle, stretching him until he took three fingers and started humping back each time I thrust. When he began making sexy animal noises behind his gag, I knew his ass was mine.

He groaned when I removed my fingers. I looped the strap-on around my hips, slipping the vibrating end deep inside my sloppy cunt, and notched the tip to his twitching hole.

It was a slow, delicious slide deep inside him. Overcoming his resistance and settling my hips against his ass was like the ultimate triumph. For the first time in my life I wished I had a cock just to feel his heat and tightness wrapped around me.

He was panting beneath me, that great back of his expanding and retracting with each quick breath. I let my fingers trace down his spine as I gave him a moment to adjust. The way his muscles jumped and quivered made me clench around the dildo tucked up inside me. I knew it wouldn’t take long for either of us to cum, not with the way we both trembled.

I pulled back, enjoying his protracted groan as I retreated. When just the hard tip remained within the grip of his pucker, I gave his ass a playful squeeze before pushing back in. His grunt was everything I needed in that moment. Absolutely everything.

It took me a few thrusts to catch a rhythm, but when I did all gentleness was gone.

I lived for his grunts and groans, for the sound of our flesh colliding, for the scrape of the table legs over the floor. Even as I fucked him with everything I had, I was just as possessed. I was as taken as he and it was nearly poetic that my anger had morphed into this thunderstorm of lust.

He arched and writhed, seeming stuck between wanting to take it and wanting to get away. There was no escaping this and I felt it in the way he lifted his hips. He stiffened beneath me with a cry of surprise, his big body taut as the orgasm rolled through him. Without a single touch to that hard cock of his, he shot off like a rocket, spilling cum all over the wood floor.

The way he cried out with each spurt was too much for me. I leaned forward to sink my teeth into his bunched shoulder and came apart with an orgasm so intense I tasted his blood on my tongue.

I rested my cheek on his beautiful back, his heart a drum beat against my ear, and knew I was hooked. Sometimes it’s nice to be the one doing the taking.


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