Friday Feelings

Traveling to Boston right now and need something to keep my mind busy. A poem to all my lurkers.

I see you
Watching me
Reading words that
Arouse, stimulate, titillate you

My special voyeur
Peeking in
Breathing me in
And out, in and out

I open up for
Undress for
Am vulnerable for
Your eyes only

My adoration knows no limits
My appreciation reaches so deep
I’ll write my love iambic pentameter
Because your secret eyes are all I need

Something for someone who got a good report

Sharing a smile with you
A hug if you were closer

Exchanging joy with you
Of news well received

To have you around a little longer
Means one day I’ll get to hug you

But for now a smile will do
Broad, happy, and only for you


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      1. erickeys

        I’m glad. My brother lives in Watertown and I used to live in Arlington. I worked right near the Marathon finish line. The whole thing is just utterly surreal and yet part of me thinks “Why were we so blessed that this didn’t happen sooner?” Surely there are forces of darkness in the world but perhaps there are forces of mercy as well…

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      2. erickeys

        They always seem to work out… until they don’t. Anyway, be safe. You have a whole lot of secret eyes that would be saddened if you stopped writing your love in iambic pentameter!

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