Ready for her like she’d asked.

He pressed his palms into the hardwood floor and arched his back. The air conditioning barely cold his body, that fevered need shivering beneath his skin.

“Such a handsome pet.”

Her hands were in his hair then, massaging his scalp until he shuddered. He barely controlled his moan when she stopped.

“So. Pretty.” Her soft sigh curled like caress around his cock. “How much can I play with you today?”

“Whatever you want, Miss.”He meant those words with his whole being, and her hum of approval warmed him.

If she hadn’t trained him well, he would’ve jumped at the cold lube that dripped down the crack of his ass. Her fingers followed, massaging the taut cheeks of his ass in circles before moving to his flexing asshole.

“What if I want to expand your horizons?”

“Whatever you want, Miss.”

One finger slipped passed the muscles of his anus. He drew in a breath, held it, and then released it. She swirled that finger around and around until the ring of muscle relaxed. Another finger slid in alongside the first, scissoring until he groaned.

“What I want to do is stretch your horizons, sweet boy.”

January jumpstart


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