Savored On Tongues

She entered the house and peeled off her gym shorts.

I watched her from my spot on the couch, waiting just a moment. She was down to her panties, the fabric soaked with sweat and clinging to her cunt. I could make out each detail, plump and hairless vulva on display.

Any other day I’d focus on her breasts bound tight in her sports bra, sweat still trickling down the valley between. I’d want to lick her skin dry and then take her to the shower so I could fuck her clean against the tiles.

Today, I want something different.

She moved her sneakers out of the middle of the hallway and then made her way passed me to the stairs. I let her get halfway up before I stopped her.


Her breath stuttered a bit and I knew she heard my tone. She pivoted and marched back down the stairs, her hair and hips swaying. When she stopped in front of me, I just let my eyes roam over her.

I could tell working out was paying off. Her waist had slimmed and I noticed the definition in her arms. Reaching out, I ran my finger tips along the band of her panties. I could smell her. It’s my favorite combination of sweat, cunt, funk, and woman.

“You worked really hard today, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I waved my hand and had her spin for me. “What did you do to get so sweaty?”

“Well, I…” her words stopped as I began to slide the sodden fabric down her thighs.

I pinched her right where thigh and ass meet, laughing at her yelp. “You?”

“I got on the treadmill aaannd,” she hesitated again as I bent her forward, but managed to continue, “and did a thirty minute run.”

A trickle of sweat ran down her back and pooled there. I leaned in and licked it up, feeling her shiver under my tongue. The smell of her hit me hard when I parted her cheeks. It’s difficult not to groan as I just looked my fill. Cunt and asshole clench under my gaze.

“Then, I did a few body weight exercises like squats, negative push ups, lunges, and mountain climbers.”

The last part of her words exit on a hiss as I licked her. Not her cunt, no, not yet. I went straight for that darker part of her.

“Sir?” She warbles in question.

I had no desire to answer her. I simply let my tongue dance around her asshole, darting at the tightly crinkled muscle, forcing it to relax and allow me entry.

She tasted divine there, sweaty and dirty. I wanted to lap up it all up, lick her clean. I felt her squirm and grasped her hip hard so she stilled. This was a limit we were working on and I wanted to press her button a little.

Ultimately though this was for me to enjoy so I pressed my face in deeper.

“Oh, god.”

Her moan as my tongue continued circling and darting made me work harder. She reached back to hold herself open for me and I rewarded her by pressing two fingers into her cunt.

When she started thrusting back against my mouth, her cunt gripping my fingers as I licked every inch of her asshole, I stopped. She groaned as my fingers slipped from her.

“Turn around.” She did so quickly, more sweat gleaming on her skin as she stood quivering before me. I licked my fingers clean while she watched.

So many delicious flavors of her mingled on my tongue. My cock was eager to sink into one of her willing holes, but some things were worth savoring. The desire etched all over her face would grow the longer I left us both on edge.

“Go shower.”

She blinked down at me. As she moved to step back, I reached around and slid my finger down the divide of her ass to tap where I’d just tasted her.

“Put your plug in when you’re finished and come find me. Don’t put anything else on.”

That made her shudder. I leaned back on the couch as she raced upstairs, my cock throbbing in my jeans in anticipation. I adjusted myself and enjoyed the smell of her on my face while I waited.


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