Toes Goes

Cara's feet on a bed in gray scale/sepia

So this Kink of the Fortnight’s topic is feet. Admittedly, this is a topic I’m pretty ambivalent about.

I don’t mind feet. They don’t gross me out in the way they do some people. They also don’t inspire any kind of sexual feelings. As for my own feet, I’m fairly ticklish/sensitive so I don’t much care for my feet to be touched.

They’re just feet.

But they can be sexy, can’t they? There’s something about photos of feet wrapped around a hard cock that makes me notice. This photo by Bee definitely made me notice. Maybe it isn’t my kink, but there’s something to be said about writing about things that aren’t your thing…

He drew in a gasping breath, surprised at the engorged state of his cock. It was a symphony of sounds and sights that held him captive.

The angry red of his cock, the way his skin was painfully tight, the pulse at the his groin, the wet sheen of lube covering him, and the slick sound the soles of her feet made with each up and down stroke.

“What do you think?”

Her voice was low, barely above a whisper as though afraid to break the spell she’d cast. He leaned back in his chair, his brain struggling to engage.


She twisted her feet, changing the way he toes gripped him. Her pink nails seeming to scratch along his skin on the upstroke. He groaned softly, his hips jacking up.

“Lost for words then.”

Her laughter drew his eyes up to hers. The naked glee in her gaze heightened the need that was coalescing in his gut.

“I’ll fill in the gaps then. You’re going to pump your hips and you’re going to come all over my feet because that’s what you’ve wanted to do the moment you met me in that shoe store.”

She knew him better than he realized. Knew his secret appreciation for her perfect toes. Watching her high arches and seeing her slip her thonged sandals on, all he’s the power to make him hard.

“And after you come, I’m going to make you lick my toes clean.”


The word wheezed out of him as that pulse at the base of his cock tightened, drawing his balls up, and pushing come up and out to spill over his belly and her perfect pink toes.


His hips jerked and he kept his eyes open wide to watch each jet cover her feet. He panted, trying to catch his breath.

Her smile was Cheshire wide as she extended her foot toward him. The way she pointed her toes made her intent clear. His heart had barely settled when the sight of her foot glistening with his pearly fluid came closer, sending it back into high gear.

“Now suck.”

A sepia photo of Cara’s feet in post titled Toes Goes

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