Echo de menos a su ex

She was on his mind again. Sliding through his thoughts when he was least expecting her to.

It was a seed of regret that had bloomed in his gut as he realized what he’d let slip through his fingers. Like a memory that wouldn’t fade, she stayed imprinted on his mind.

He missed her. He wanted her.

Maybe it was her eagerness or her innocence that went beyond her virginity. Maybe it was the fact that she’d let him be her first. First kiss, first trip to the strip club, first to sink into her cunt. He still savored being the first to stake his claim on her body. He liked to believe he held a place in her heart as well.

The fact that he was with someone new didn’t break up the old fantasies swirling in his head. His girlfriend was in the bed beside him as he rolled over to silence the morning alarm. Palia was beautiful, Colombian, and bore a striking resemblance to the kinky haired beauty he’d left behind. He had something good beside him.

It didn’t stop him from wanting to reach out to her.

He reached for his phone, calling up her contact information, and with it a photo he’s taken of them the last time they were together.

“Mierda,” he whispered as the sight of her yanked at the seemingly fresh memories.

The camera had refused to focus, or maybe it was him who couldn’t see clearly that night. She’d been crystal clear in his lens, in his mind. Her dark hand wrapped around his pale pink cock, her lips stretched wide around him. The shutter clicked and then released as her tongue licked along his skin. Her eyes were closed and he had struggled to steady his hands as her ministrations threatened to unravel him.

He couldn’t escape the memories of her. Not her touch, not her scent, not the taste of her on his lips. It had been years and he still found his fingers hovering over her email, still found himself messaging her even though he knew he shouldn’t.

There was no stopping himself as he typed out a quick email to her. He didn’t text, her number long forgotten, but he’d never lost her email address. There was safety in emailing in case she choose not to respond.

“Do you still think about us together?”

The whooshing sound of the message as it disappeared set off a strange wave of butterflies in his belly. What the hell did he have to be nervous about? Either she’d respond or she wouldn’t. He told himself he wasn’t worried. Told himself that for hours after even while he immersed himself in work.

A ping sounded and he steeled himself.

Of course I do. I can’t seem to help myself.”

The butterflies transform into a warm feeling. Call it nostalgia or a need to have her again, but the fact that she still thought of him made him happier than it should make him. Her message following almost dimmed his joy.

Why do you do this to me? You never had time for me, it’s why we couldn’t work. Do you have time for me now?”

He shrugged, undeterred. No, he couldn’t guarantee her he’d have any more time than before, but that didn’t stop him from trying to convince her he was worthy of her attention. Worthy of her time.

I’m different. I just want to have fun with you like before.”

Her reply was immediate, telling him she waited for his message.

I can’t do this with you. I think about you when I shouldn’t and relive those moments…”

He smiled, happy to not be alone in his obsession over their time together.

Let’s get together. Let me see you, touch you, spank your bottom.

His cock stiffened in his khakis at the memory of having her over his lap. That same eagerness was there, but a million times hotter as he felt the spring of her flesh beneath his hand. He wanted to bury himself in her every time she cried out or squirmed.

I can’t do this with you..”

It wasn’t a no. Just knowing she hadn’t closed the door on him was enough.

Palia approached from behind, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and nuzzling his neck. “Con quién estás hablando?”


He turned to kiss her lips, lacing fingers in her hair to hold her close.

“No one at all.”

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*Echo de menos a su ex: I miss my ex

*Con quién estás hablando: who are you talking to?

*Ninguno: no one


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      Cara Thereon

      Hm. I learned it as Echo (I learned hecho to mean made) but then again the word combo could come out to mean the same

  1. Jo

    You know it’s good writing when you find yourself viscerally reacting to it – this piece triggered a lot of anger in me (at the protagonist) because he’s such a realistic character.

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  3. Mrs Fever

    Ditto, Jo. The “give me your attention” man who says – and treats you like – you’re “no one.” Ugh.

    Excellently written and definitely realistic. Nicely done.

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