Tuesday Child

It was close to midnight and Lani lay waiting. She was tired, exhausted really, but anticipation kept her eyes open. She was clad only in a tank top and short bottoms without panties like he told her. The waiting was making her achy and wet.

The house was silent, the last few guest having departed an hour ago. Her sister had gone back to her own apartment, texting Lani the address of the house got to claustrophobic for her. Leaving wasn’t even an option on the table for her right now. Not when she could be close to her Daddy.

“Gotdamnit, Renee, do we really have to have this conversation every fucking day?”

The angry sound of her Daddy startled Lani. She’d never heard him talk like that, especially not to her mother. Her mind circled back around to Marlie mentioning them having problems. She still didn’t know how she felt about that.

“For God’s sake, lower your voice.” Her mother hissed the words. “Do you even care that I’m leaving, Mitchell? Do you even understand why?”

Lani sat up at that. Leaving? She got up and crept to the door to listen.

His sigh was loud and full of frustration. “Don’t make me the bad guy here. You want to go chase something you feel you can’t get here with me. It’s your choice to end this. Yours, Renee. I won’t pretend I’m happy or okay, but I’m moving on because I have to.”

“It’s not like that.”

“Isn’t it?” His voice was hard. “Because I can’t figure out any other reason you’d have to leave and give up this marriage.”

“I just… I need a change. I’ve changed…”

There was silence after that. Lani pressed hard against the door hoping to catch more of the conversation. She felt like a kid, listening in on something she had no business hearing.

She heard soft tread on the stairs prompting her to scurry back to bed.

No one knocked or entered. A wave of disappointment hit her that he wasn’t coming in like he said. It left her laying there wondering why he didn’t come and what happened with her parents’ marriage.

They’d always seemed to love each other. Touching and kissing every time Lani looked their way. It was scary to think of them breaking up. It sounded like something made Mom want to leave. The hurt in Daddy’s voice made her ache to comfort him.

Lani lay there for a long time wondering if he’d come to her so she could do just that. She tried desperately to fight sleep, but as the minutes turned into hours, her eyes slid closed against her will.


The groan of his voice in her ear woke her.

It was still dark, giving Lani no clue as to how long she’d been asleep. She was on her stomach, a warm body pressed to her side. The need to curl into him made her move to roll over, but his hand snaking down the back of her shorts stopped her.

He squeezed her bottom and she had a moment of sadness that the soreness of the spanking earlier had passed. Lani filed that thought away to examine later, her mind pulled back to the feeling of his hand.

“I want to mark you as mine badly. You’re mine, aren’t you, Lani?”

Something in his question made emotions clog her throat. She’d always been his, but struggled with revealing that to him in light of everything going on between him and mama.

“You can mark me, Daddy. I want you to.”

He groaned again, the deep rumble in her ear full of need. His hand pushed at her shorts and she helped him push them down.

“I’m sorry I didn’t come for you earlier, babygirl.” His hand crested over the curve of her bottom to slide between her thighs. He blew out a breath. “I told myself I had to stay away. Told myself…”

He kissed her shoulder as his fingers teased her pussy. Lani spread her legs for him, her hips lifting to invite him to touch her as much as he wanted. A light slap to her pussy made her gasp.

“Daddy.” The sting made her squirm.

“God, Lani, I promised myself…”

He nipped at her shoulder as his fingers continued to tease her. She felt him lift up and she quivered with the promise of him deep inside her.

“Please, Daddy.”

“I’m going to have to leave for a couple of days, babygirl.”

His words froze her. Leave? Mama had mentioned leaving and now he was talking about it. Somehow the thought of him leaving her made something in her heart crack.


There was a tremble in her voice she couldn’t hide. A plea that came out as a question. She felt his breath trail down her shoulder to her low back, the humid puff of his breath breaching the thin fabric of her shirt. Goosebumps skittered across her skin.

“You’re mine.” His voice rumbled over her.

He sank his teeth into her bottom. This wasn’t just a light nip, this was him taking a bite out of her. Owning her. Marking her.

He rubbed her clit while his teeth sank deeper. Her mind halted at the feeling, the pain reaching deep inside of her to some part of her that ached. She found herself writhing beneath him, her cunt spasming even as she wanted to run away from the hurt.

When he released her, the spot throbbed. She wanted to rub it, she wanted him fuck her, she wanted to understand what was going on inside of her. She liked that he’d hurt her and it confused her.

His lips ghosted over the spot he’d just hurt, then he was pressing his lips there. He spoke his next words against her skin.

“You’re mine, babygirl. No matter how much I tell myself to stay away, the moment you came back home, I was lost. You’ve always belonged to me.”

She needed him so bad, but instead of him taking her and filling her up like he promised, he was pulling away from her. Her body felt cold without him.

“Rub your little pussy for me, babygirl. Make yourself come.”

“Daddy.” Even as she was begging for him, she was slipping her hand between her thighs to obey.

“When I come back, we’ll do something together, just the two of us.”

The longing and sadness in his voice made her whimper. She wanted to beg him not to leave. She wanted to stop, but he hadn’t said she could. Her hips jumped as she rubbed and rubbed, knowing he watched. His very presence heightening her need. She could feel his eyes, sense his longing.

He was gone. Just as she was on the verge of coming, she heard the soft click of her door closing. Silent tears slipped down her cheeks as she came with her fingers in her cunt and his name on her lips.


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