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A green alcoholic drink, freshly made on a chopping board with pestle beside in it, in post titled #SoSS

A non-Nano post. The semi-focused participant in me is not going to think about the words not counting toward the month. I’m not…

Anyway, back to the point of the post.

The heart and soul of sharing our shit is boosting each other up in the community. Last week’s post touched on the why it’s become critically important. Even if they size of your readership is small, you still have a reach. One person who frequents your blog may end up discovering another blogger they like because you boosted them.

To the posts I’ve noticed this past week:

Pain as pleasure’s Hotel- Wasted Luxury

This was posted a couple weeks ago, but it popped up in my mind again recently. It’s such a good post because it inspires such longing in me to be that submissive in his bed.

Molly’s Daily Kiss Magic Moment

I have a crush on Molly. I’d call it a little one, but that would be a lie. Anyway, I love her writing as a rule and many of her stories touch me in some way. This post tugged at my heartstrings on so many levels. Just the trip down memory lane and the way she tells her story.

Tabitha Rayne A Beautifully Wicked Memory

Naughty, sweet, and sexy. There’s the cutting off of clothes and the promise of a lovely fucking on an autumn day. What’s not to enjoy?

Teachers Have Sex Reunion

This story… this story ticked my boxes. High school wasn’t anyone’s favorite time, but this reunion ended up being better than expected. Maybe I’ll actually go to my next high school reunion now.

Rebels Love & Marriage

It’s easy to regret the people who come before. If it leads us to the person it should, can we regret the path we took to get there?

Also, shout to May for her #SoSS post. Excellent words and posts to be found there

There are tons of good posts and bloggers out in the blogsphere and there are other fabulous avenues to finding good stuff.

Other excellent places to discover bloggers include Elust, Sinful Sunday, Wicked Wednesday, and Masturbation Monday. Not only can you discover blogs here, but you can participate as well. I think participation is important to discovery, also. If your aim is to be noticed and have your work noticed, participating in prompts on other sites, especially sites that see traffic, will benefit you in the long run.

Here’s to Sharing more of Our Shit

Drinks on me!


  1. Marie Rebelle

    Thank you for the mention, sweets! And you are so right… never regret the path you have walked because all of which you have done and experienced, makes you the person you are today. That is a firm belief on my side 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. May More

    Drink looks great! and yes participation in things like SS MM WW and Elust means you get your stuff looked at but also you find so many other great bloggers you may not have come across without these Memes 😉
    Very much appreciate the mention x

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