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Victoria was almost there. She could feel the approach of her climax in her belly with every thrust of Patrece’s fingers.

“I watched you dance from the balcony.” He hooked his fingers inside and she groaned at the sensation. “I watched the way you moved across the floor, so regal. It was easy to imagine you in my arms just as you are now. I’d show everyone the kind of woman you are beneath the artifice.”

The thought of him touching her like this while the whole court watched amped her pleasure up. Her gasp drew a husky laugh from him.

“Do you want everyone to see you dancing on my fingers? Do you want them to see you so unrestrained as you find your pleasure. Naughty, naughty, Princess. Look at how wild you are now.”

The command drew her eyes to the mirror. She looked the part of a wanton. Her glazed eyes stared back at her, the depth of her passion apparent in her heavy lidded eyes and the way she bit her lips. The flush of pink on her chest and neck was evident even under her brown skin tone. The height of eroticism was the sight of Patrece’s lighter hand cupping her breast, him holding her steady as she rocked on his fingers.

“Beautiful,” he whispered, the depth of his desire evident in his eyes and voice. “Watch.”

Her eyes dropped to her lap. He circled her button in earnest as he thrust his fingers deeper. Seeing the wetness coating his hand, the way her lower lips opened to welcome him, the squelching sounds of her body and her involuntary moans were almost too much.

Victoria came with a cry as her climax rippled through her. The high of it was dizzying, her body pulsing, muscles seizing as he continued to tease every drop of pleasure from her. Her eyes remained riveted on his hand playing between her thighs.

Finally, he slowed, supporting her weight against his chest. She felt sated and light, a lingering warmth wrapping around her. Patrece murmured something against her cheek before giving a low groan of his own.

“Now it’s time for a bath.”

Any protest she planned to give died away as he lifted her into his arms. They were across the room in seconds and he lowered her into the water, uncaring that he wet his clothes in the process.

Victoria let her head rest back on the rim of the steel tub, following him with her eyes as he went to retrieve soap. The bulge pressing the front of his breeches brought her hunger back to a boil. He was as ready for her as she was for him, her core clenching in anticipation.

“Careful. If you continue to stare like that, I’ll have you bent over the tub with my cock buried in your cunny.”

Her eyes widened, a wave of heat rushing to her face as she reacted to the growl in his voice.

He knelt by the tub, his gaze level with hers. “Behave and I promise to feed both appetites.”

With only a slight grumble, she allowed herself to be bathed. The sent of lavender filled the space as he lathered the bar of soap. His hands smoothed the suds over her shoulders before smoothing circles across her chest. Her nipples poked above the water line twisted tight in anticipation of his hands. The slide of his palm over her nub made her shudder. It was slow torture having him tend to her, his methodical touch gentle but unbelievably arousing.

When his hand found her core, she held her breath. True to his promise, he simply washed her quickly and moved on. Victoria couldn’t help sighing her disappointment.

“Impatient.” He gave her nipple a tweak. “Lean forward.”

She did so with a grumble and then braced as he poured water over her hair. Patrece took special care massaging her scalp and rinsing the suds away, leaving her just as boneless as her previous orgasm rendered her.

He pulled her to stand, toweling her off with a piece of cloth that he’d placed by the fireplace. She was once again carried across the room, this time to the bed that occupied the middle of the room.

Victoria let herself melt into the clean sheets, her naked body splayed open for him. Patrece stood back as though examining his handy work. She did nothing to hide herself, allowing him to look his fill as was his due.

“And which appetite shall I satisfy first, Princess?”

His hand went the collar of his plain brown shirt, the fabric stretching tight over his arms and chest as he played with the top button. She kept quiet, knowing he’d already made up his mind. Forcing him would only cause him to delay both of their pleasure.

“I think I know which you need more.”

Instead of unbuttoning his shirt, his hands dropped to the fastening on his breeches.


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