Merry Christmas 

Unedited short. Merry Christmas to you. 

She’d worn the red and white striped panties like I’d asked her to. Seeing her kneeling by the tree, bare except her panties and a blindfold, hardened me to the point of bursting my zipper. This wouldn’t last long if I jizzed in my pants before even touching her.

I adjusted myself in my slacks before crossing the room to her. Her button nose flared as I stepped in front of her. I’d worn the cologne she’d bought me, knowing how much it turned her on smelling it on me.

The scrape of my zipper lowering filled the silence between us. Her breathing accelerated made her breasts sway and bounce with each inhale. I removed my cock from my slacks, glad I hadn’t bothered with underwear. It was impossible to contain my sigh.

“Please.” That one word from between her pink lips had me grasping the base of my cock to contain myself.


Obedient as ever, her mouth opened and I traced the wet head over her lips. Her tongue darted out to lick, nearly sending me to my knees. I locked them as I grasped the nape of her neck with my other hand. Steadying us both.

“Naughty girl.” Bringing her forward, I fed her my entire length, utterly pleased when she kept her mouth wide for me. “Now you may suck.”

Her lips closed around me. My head falling back as the warm, wet heat of her engulfed me. She sucked me impossibly deep, sending a tremble through me. God, her mouth was heaven.

She pulled back and licked the head, whispering Merry Christmas against me before plunging back down to swallow me whole.


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