Flash 17

Quickie for MM. A busy day and subsequent exhaustion have killed me. I’ll have to edit in a bit so hold tight. 

Her legs were spread wide in front of me, the trim hairs and wet lips so different from my own yet the same. 

A hand to the back of my neck guided me close until her legs brushed my shoulders. The warm smell of her reached my nose and I couldn’t help inhaling to savor the smell even as part of me rebelled at my position. It startled me to feel arousal bloom between my own thighs a I considered the way she’d taste on my tongue. 

“Uh huh.” The hand at my nape held me fast when I would’ve backed away. I glanced over my shoulder to meet his hot gaze. “I can see how much you want to eat her pussy.” 

I swallowed and started to protest. “No, I–” 

He squeezed and I stilled. “Don’t lie, baby. I can smell you just as easily as I smell her. Besides, you’ve been licking your lips since I pushed you close.”

I started to lick them again, but stopped. Damn it, I was too transparent sometimes. I couldn’t reconcile my desire with what I’d been taught. No women, no desire for women, no lust or need. But the moment he brought me into the room the sight of her naked body brought to life everything I tried to suppress. 

He leaned in close and drew in a deep breath. “Mm, she smells so sweet. Are you sweet, Katie girl?”

I glanced up and our eyes locked. Lust reflected back at me, mirroring my own perfection. 

“So sweet.” The way she whispered made clench and my breath seemed to hang in my chest. 

“Go on and have a taste then.” He pressed me closer and I went this time. My focus solely on her pussy and my need for her. He leaned in and teased my ear with his tongue. “And while you do, I’ll fuck that beautiful ass of yours. I’ll get to watch you both cum at the same time.” 

The picture of it in my mind’s eye was so good, so perfect. I gave a needy moan and pressed my face to her cunt. That first lick… 

“Oh God.” Her hands buried deep into my hair, pulling me deeper into her wet heat. 

I gave my own squeal when I felt him press to my rosebud. One finger and then two stretched me wide, a staying hand at my hip so I was anchored between them. 

“Open up, baby.” He crooned the words as he fit his cock where his fingers had been. 

It was a war of sensations. Her hands tugging at the roots of my hair, her cunt wetting my cheeks and chin, his hand gripping tight at my hip, and his cock breaching me drawing pleasure with a hit of pain out of me. 

He groaned low and long when he seated himself inside. I know I groaned with him as he touched a spot that made my cunt quiver. He gave a shove as though trying to sink in that last inch. Both hands grasped my waist and began that push/pull that could set me on fire. The wild undulations of Katie’s hips was the perfect counterpoint to his thrusts. 

Gotdam, you feel so good.” 

Hell. Just the gritty way he spoke toppled me into an orgasm that stilled my brain. I could do nothing except ride out the wave that soaked me. His shout barely registered through my hazy, but the warm spurt of his cum seemed to sent harder shock waves through me. I was drunk from it all and ready to slip into a boneless heap. A strong hand gripping my hair kept me from doing just that. 

“Uh uh, you didn’t make Katie cum, bad girl.” 

My lethargy diminished as she squirmed beneath me. I lifted my head to gaze down at her. So plump and wet, she begged for my mouth. 

“Please,” she whimpered. 

And who was I to deny something so pretty it’s pleasure? 


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