Happy first day of June. I’d normally have a MM post for you, but I went from a busy work week right into visiting friends for the weekend. So, no post this week. Do check out the yummy options though. 

I’m going to attempt to do a post of some kind every day this month. Lofty goal considering I’m barely doing one post a week, but I want to devote myself to trying. We’ll see how successful I am at it, huh? Maybe a spot of poetry or a 200 word piece of flash? Feel free to offer suggestions. 

Maybe I’ll finish Whisker Burn or something of the like. 

I no longer look at myself as a serious writer or aspiring author. I’m back to just being a blogger who tells the occasional story. Hopefully one that’s arousing.

Anyway, here’s to a post a day and the energy and dedication to do it. 


  1. Dawn D

    Good luck! I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have the time this month to write that regularly!
    I’ll enjoy reading whatever you write 🙂

  2. A-Ku

    Very much looking forward to seeing what all you come up with (though I’ve lost the pass so will only be checking out the public posting)! I’ll be playing catch-up since I’m really over-loaded these days but will definitely come by as often as I can to like/comment/etc because interacting with bloggers like yourself is so much fun.
    Thanks for being you!

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