#MasturbationMonday Gifts

Was out in more tropical climes so today’s post is both last minute and more of an unedited sketch. Check out the other options!

“Merry Christmas.”

After the shitty morning I’d just had, coming home to her improved my mood significantly. I was savoring the sultry sound of her voice when her “present” registered in my mind.

This wasn’t some craftsman tool set or a new tie. God, it was better… So much better.

My brain locked on to two sets of red lips, four gorgeous breasts, and four pairs of long legs. It was kind enough to send the right signals to my dick. My dick was kind enough to send response signals back to my brain and out of my mouth.

“Holy shit,” I whispered.

One set of very familiar lips spread into a smile that had me stiffening more. My girlfriend, Claire, rose to her feet and damnit if the rest of the blood circulating in my body pooled in my cock. I leaned on the door just in case my knees decided to buckle.

A tiny woman with curly black and pale skin, she was the opposite of what I thought I liked. I’ve since learned that Claire was perfect for me and could turn me into a babbling idiot with a look.

Watching her walk toward me, breasts bouncing and hips swaying, made me thank God I couldn’t make my flight to my parents’. Sorry, mom and dad, Santa knew what I really wanted for Christmas.

Claire stopped within a breath of me before glancing over her shoulder at the other darker skinned beauty kneeling by the Christmas tree. I’d almost forgotten about her… Almost.

“I felt terrible when I found out you the weather canceled your flight. I wanted to give you a present to get you more in the Christmas spirit.”

Claire traced a finger down the bulge straining my jeans. My hips jerked forward when she cupped me. I was getting into the spirit so fast my head was spinning.

“This is my friend Sue from work.” Her other hand inched up my shirt, tickling my stomach. “She stopped to help me decorate the tree with garland and candy canes. Figured you wouldn’t mind if she stayed to help us celebrate. Do you mind, honey?”

Claire was working to free me from my jeans while Sue choose that moment to crawl across the carpet to where we stood at the entryway. She was a prowling lion and I was prey. I wasn’t capable of running even if I wanted to

“Um…” I cleared my throat and tried to speak. “Yeah, the, uh… The extra bedroom is open.”

“Oh, I don’t think the spare bedroom will be needed. What do you think Sue?”

She’d risen to her knees beside us, her eyes focused on mine. I could tell from her smirk she was ready to rock my world. “No, I have a place to sleep tonight.”

I loved Claire, but the thought of having a taste of the woman kneeling before me had me groaning. Jesus… The possibilities. Like my very own Christmas miracle.

“Since you’ve been such a good boy, I think it’s only right to let you enjoy what Santa left you. Let’s just get you unwrapped.”


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  1. cpmandara

    That’s one helluva gift. I think you’re right – the spare bedroom will not be required and no-one will be any getting any sleep whatsoever… but that’s the way it should be, right? ~WEG~

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