Perpetually Single

The queen of self-fulfilling prophesies, me
Of the dark skin
The brown eyes
Mouth too wide, but silent
Too silent for you to understand

The shift in our conversation comes as no surprise
My expectations outstrip your performance
Or maybe it was me who was too high
Searching for affection in lies

You meant to let me down easy
But I toppled all on my own
Could I accept that this was a distraction
Until you moved on to the next song
She’ll sing perfectly that tune you want

Fa la la la…

And so long
I’ll linger here wondering
Considering the what ifs
The possibilities that turned
Into nothings like I knew they would

But at least one of us is moving
Being, doing
And going on
At least one of us got what they came here for


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      1. Beatnik du Jour

        Oh I get dramatic too. Explosive once in awhile. Often digging a pit to wallow in. Is it our fault? I tell myself it is but then I wonder if this is just who/how I am. Is it the ivy’s fault it’s attached to the wall? That’s just how it grows…

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  1. The Reclining Gentleman

    “The possibilities that turned/Into nothings like I knew they would” i know how this self-fulfilling prophecy works. Or maybe i make it fulfill itself. Either way, you write from my heart as usual BT

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