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Last day of National Poetry Month. Highlights from this month includes some haikus and lamenting my missing creativity. While I’ll continue posting poetry, I feel it important to note the end of the month with a motley crew of poetry. I’m utilizing Andy’s prompt for the first.

Prompt: Unintended Consequences
Word Count: 123


Opening my mouth to defend my decisions
Lips gaping wide, words silent as I face the divisions
I’ve caused with my good intentions

Cut you too deep with the attention of another
Without even realizing that when I saw friendship
You saw lover? My heart with this other?

I lie naked, vulnerable as you rend me double
Flip me over and take my body
As you take my silence, weaving words of trouble

Accursed I am, broken apart by pleasure
No amount of explanation will suffice
When each thrust you give accuses me of lies

And my moans of surrender are pleas for unrealized sins
Our mutual pleasure should’ve spelled forgiveness then
But the knife in my back covers where love should’ve been


His Gaze

It captivates me the intensity of his eyes
The way they follow me
Travel swiftly along my naked curves
Marking paths they plan to caress
Fierce and demanding
Commanding me to open, part, and give
Watching as I kneel
Arousing me long before I feel
The depth of the desire
Burning hot in his eyes


This love takes me
It’s the beginning of something new
Filling my heart with the joy
That I know you
That you are mine



Slick and needy
Open, greedy
Rhythmic clenching
Nipples pinching
Arched high
Tethered by
Fingers plunging
Hips lunging
Here I come


A haiku

Bent, open wide
Vulnerable and spread
Yours – change me


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          Cara Thereon

          I’ve noticed the app has been acting weird lately. It posts comments where it shouldn’t.

          That particular poem I’d posted a while ago on my private site. Figured it was worth sharing.

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  3. ahblack57

    It’s refreshing to see poetry in response to a writing prompt. If you are fighting writers’ block it doesn’t show. All of your pieces were, dare I say, touching…

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