Sunday Poetry

Couple of pieces to enjoy. First is my morning/night haikus from yesterday

Early sunlight
Streaming in
Rousing me sweetly


Eyes heavy
Body relaxed
Night sets in

A small wordle from The Sunday Whirl

I struggle to thrive
To land on my feet
To never let life harden me
To carry on though I’m spent
And to hold to the promise that shelters me

It’s Hasty’s anniversary. Reclining Gentleman and I are in cahoots on this one.

That first moment our eyes met was electric
Something more than gazes colliding
I felt the impact shudder my self
As fate’s future plans became clear

Then eyes became bodies entwined
And beating hearts formed a tighter bond
Pasts that were lived in parallel
Met and spun into a single silk plait

Our passion a sun so bright
Our meshing a thing of poetic bliss
And who I was became something better
Because of the peace I found in you

Walking along our shared road
This vibrant love guiding our feet
We instinctively take the same turns
And our step shares a natural rhythm

Each moment a source of endless joy
From babies first breath to first gray hair
Each year a cause to celebrate
The anniversary of our beginning


  1. filledandfooled

    Oh my, I love all of them! You have such talent. It is so nice to wake and read the first haiku, really blissful.

    How exactly do you write a poem with someone? I’ve been so curious.

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      Cara Thereon

      How I’ve done them is one person writes a line or two then the next person goes. Back and forth until the piece is finished. I’ve done it the same way when I’ve done stories with someone else. Do a paragraph or two then hand it to the other person. It’s actually very fun.

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