of lips and tongue

Something I wrote this week. Β I enjoy sharing my unedited musings with you. Part of me wishes I could craft perfectly written stories that grab you by the throat, but sometimes I write because I like the way something feels. That’s enough.

Mature content! Reader discretion is advised.

A taste
Of my honey
I’d give anything
To see it
Coating your lips
Hands, mouth, tongue

“Please, I want…” The words faltered before she could form them. Heat crept up her neck, and she knew the blush staining her cheeks made her face glow like a bright beacon.

He lifted an eyebrow at her, mocking and encouraging at the same time. “Please, what, Hannah?”

She closed her eyes as desire and shame whirled inside of her. It threatened to drown out the arousal stringing her tight. She opened her mouth hoping the words would squeeze past the lump in her throat. Nothing came.

“I only help little girls who ask for what they want.” He crossed his arms over his chest, the movement drawing the fabric tight along his shoulders. The cut of his suit, fitted perfectly to his big body sent a fresh thrill through her.

She felt vulnerable lying there with her g-string covered cunt splayed wide, the corset barely covering her nipples. Her clit ached, throbbed, where he’d just touched her; the slickness of the plump flesh giving her away. He wouldn’t touch her again until she gave him what he wanted. There was only one way to do this.

Swallowing down the shame and embarrassment, she opened her mouth and let the words tumble out. “I want you to touch my pussy.”

The smile that tipped his lips turned cruel and she wanted to squirm under his intense gaze. “With what?”

Her body jolted at the question. She let her eyes travel up the line of his body. Hands, cock, mouth…

“With your mouth.” Hannah locked on his lips. So plump and pink, they promised a kiss that would steal her breath, and she wanted it on her. She wanted him licking, sucking, and teasing her.

His eyes flared so hot that she trembled. “On your hands and knees. Now. ”

She turned, displaying herself exactly how he demanded with her panties moved out-of-the-way without being told. The scrap of fabric was wet on her fingers, but she knew not to remove them. Her breath rushed out in excited pants as she waited for him to take her. There was nothing graceful about her need, nothing seductive or coy. There was only the promise of his control over her, and the pleasure she’d get from it. This was absolute.

The bed dipped behind her, but she held the pose. Head lower than her hips, eyes forward, ass high. His hands smoothed up the back of her thighs, patting the curve of her hip before disappearing. She held her breath, anticipation riding her as she tried not to move.

Her composure cracked at the first rasp of his tongue along her slit. Then again, and again until she dropped her head unable to keep from moving. She felt a pinch at the nipple that had fallen from her top, a cry slipping from her. She could stay still!

But the grip of his hand on her thigh had her looking down her body.

There he was, his head between her thighs, forehead level with her belly as he licked. The wet sound of his mouth moving on her was almost as erotic as the sight of him devouring her. His teeth nibbling the lips of her pussy one moment then his tongue darted deep inside the next. She resisted the urge to grind her clit into his nose knowing he’d punish her if she moved without his permission. Instead, she lifted her leg, opening her body that much more.

Hannah was his to eat, taste, and enjoy at his leisure.


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  1. Dawn Rinken

    I like how you described her embarrassment — the description of her physical reactions in the first few paragraphs made me empathize with her. (And then it was much easier to follow along on her “journey.”) πŸ™‚

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  2. Mark Davis

    Wow… Not bad for what you refer to as “unedited musings”. I wish that my “unedited musings” were even half as good as yours are here. I like the way that your writing makes me feel when I read it, and if this is just some minor doodling from you here, I’m looking forward to reading one of your more serious efforts.

    Anything in particular here in your writing, that you would recommend for me to start with?

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      Cara Thereon

      I’ve just changed sites so I don’t have much to direct you toward. I’ll be adding a few darker bits of erotica under the Dark and Taboo tab tonight but nothing else yet. Thanks for stopping in. πŸ™‚

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  3. Spider42

    As always, nice to read your writing – however this one was lighter on the overall description and feeling that made the previous ones I’ve read leave an impression. In fairness, as an unedited doodle I’m sure it is just the first draft of something that will be better as you work on it (should you be so inclined).
    Out of curiosity – is there any reason why it’s almost always (not just in yours but in many) a case of a man or woman outrightly dominating another woman? Having read several of your stories now, I’m intrigued as to whether a mutually dominating would work… I mean one where neither is fully dominated but both are dominators and playfully keep switching around. At least it’s something I’ve not yet come across.

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      Cara Thereon

      Nah, this is practice writing. The odds of me doing anything with it are slim. Just stuff to share with passers by. Everything I post is doodles and sketches because if I labor too much over it it won’t see the light of day. Some attempts are better than others of course.

      As for the switching… I have written things that dominate in the other direction. Typically, I end up writing M/f (male dominating the female) because that’s what I think about. You see it as a matter of needing to be fair? I guess if you’re in that dynamic, fairness isn’t something bothers participants. Though, I may post a few F/m ones because I do believe in fairness usually.

      1. Spider42

        Not to worry, was just curious – I’m technically I suppose a “newbie” in a sense to erotic literature given my limited exposure to it.
        I know what you mean about the over-labour thing though.. It’s why I’ve kept on with InMon because I like writing but publishing opportunities are few and far between and I just want to get stuff out there and see what people like or don’t or anything really! πŸ˜€

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          Cara Thereon

          There are some excellent writers within the genre I could direct you to. They’ve been doing it way longer (and better) than I have. There’s a lot that goes into the dominance aspect beyond who’s being dominated. Many people just prefer the M/f angle.

          I hope to publish something, but this spot isn’t for over polishing. I’m more concerned with having examples to show. You snag more people that way.

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