Used Up

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She panted between clenched teeth, the pain flaring bright from her suddenly breached body. He didn’t wait before he withdrew and pushed back in, taking her from behind.  The flannel sheets scraped at her nipples as he yanked her head back, hitching her bottom higher as he took her. His groan guttural as he found that new angle made her shudder.

The blindfold rendered her sightless, forcing her to feel his hands in her hair, his skin, his cock. Vile things. Bound by the ropes looped around her she could only endure. Her eyes fluttered behind the fabric as some perverse part of her wondered how she must look as he invaded her. His cock was a force, splitting her wide and plowing impossibly deep. She knew her pussy lips gaped lewdly around him, clinging as though desperate for him, and she wanted to cry and scream. But she stayed quiet and let him rut, let him fuck her unwilling body.

One wrong move, talking to the wrong man and here she was at his mercy. Her mind replayed the club, the car ride, and the moment she knew she’d made a mistake. She was stupid, but she’d not satisfy him by begging.

The bed creaked louder beneath them as he surged into her again. She gritted her teeth, knowing screaming would only get her beat again. That didn’t stop her from rocking away from him, showing her displeasure the only way she knew how.

The sting of his palm impacting her thigh sent a jolt through her. Her skin throbbed with the lingering pain, like a hot burn, and she hated him with a similar heat.

His lips ghosted over her ear before he whispered, “I think you’d like this if you’d just let it happen.”

“Bastard,” she hissed, turning her head away. “Let me go. You son of a bitch.”

He laughed, yanking so hard she felt hair pull from her scalp, “I got your number, my mouthy little whore.”

Curses fell from her, but he just laughed more and pushed her face into the scratchy sheets. She breathed in a clean, detergent smell and wanted to cry with how wrong this was. Everything about this was wrong.

She wasn’t prepared for him to continue hitting her all over her upturned ass as he resumed thrusting, but the pain started to morph and settle between her thighs. No amount of wiggling helped her avoid the fall of his hand or the deep push of his cock, and she panicked as the feeling at the core of her started to coalesce into startling pressure. Pleasure unraveled inside and spread out inside her.

As her pussy softened, the wet squelch of her body filled the room, and to her mortification she moaned.

He was relentless, spanking and fucking, finding that spot inside her that threatened to send her over the edge. Her heart pounded, a bass drum in her ear and she thought she’d pass out as fear and anger and lust grew tight all over. Her skin tingled with it and she cursed her body. No, she whispered to herself until it become too much and she screamed it.

“No, no, no!” She raged as she felt her body gather tight, the pressure building in that all too familiar sensation. “Oh, God, please, no!”

“You like it. You want my dick in your sloppy cunt, don’t ya?” He taunted, tilting her just right so she couldn’t hold back her moans of pleasure. “You’re going to cum on my cock like a good slut. Come on, I want to feel you, bitch.”

“Stop,” she screamed, but the sharp feeling of his hand connecting with her skin cut the word off, and the tension broke. “No!” She moaned out in one long, sorrowful cry.

Her pussy spasmed hard, clenching and releasing around the length of him. She couldn’t stop the cries spilling from her, or the shameless jerk of her hips as her body sucked at him. When she would have collapsed on the bed, he held her hips up and pounded into her over and over. Unable to move, she took it, clenching around him until he shouted and pumped his cum into her.

“Now that wasn’t so bad.” He let his hips rest against her sore bottom. “That pussy loved taking my cum.”

“Get away from me,” she panted out weakly. “Let me go.”

“I will.” He raked his short nails down her thighs and she hissed in pain. “But I’m afraid I can’t let you go.”

He slipped from her body and she slumped fully into the mattress. She turned her mind off to the feeling of liquid, hers and his, leaking from her body. Just as she was relaxing, thinking the worst had passed, that she could get her mind together another set of hands touched her.

“She likes a little pain to get her going.” The hands rolled her to her back and pinched hard at her breasts. “Business has gone well and the guys need a reward.” Fear tightened her limbs as those words registered.

“No!” Her cry was ignored as the new hands pried her thighs so wide it felt like her hips would break. The body between was too large and she began crying in earnest as a huge cockhead parted her pussy. “Please, don’t do it.”

“Got her nice and wet for ya.” If she expected pity from her captive for what was to come, the playfulness in his voice disabused her of the notion. “Don’t break her, you big moutherfucker. Make sure there’s some left for the others.”

The snick of a door closing filled her with such dread that she whimpered.


  1. Mark Davis

    Finally got back here, and I’m glad that I did. I think what I enjoyed about this post the most, which is also what I enjoy about all of your writing that I’ve read so far, is that you have a real talent for putting words together for your descriptions, in very imaginative ways, with your metaphors, that makes what you are describing really come alive for the reader. This is a talent that obviously is great in any genre of writing and not just erotica.

    I was somewhat surprised with where you took the plot with this one, because at first you seemed to be focusing heavily on everything that is genuinely horrible about rape, without glossing over the horror or turning it into a fantasy, but then you went straight into the “she’s trying to fight off the involuntary orgasm while being raped scene” This surprised me, because it’s a somewhat common rape fantasy, used in erotic writing and porn for certain people to enjoy. So then I wasn’t sure what your intention was… the reality of the horror of rape? Or the mythology/fantasy version of rape? Or maybe an exploration of both?

    Hope you don’t mind such a frank comment from me, but you seem interested in themes in your erotic writing, similar to the themes that I am occasionally interested in, and often to a similar degree… meaning that I get the impression that just as I do, you may explore certain themes, but that is not necessarily an indication of what your true preferences are.

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      I appreciate frank questions.

      It started off that way, the terrible and ugly part of rape and the emotions that go with it. It ended up changing though and I have no real explanation for why other than I couldn’t bring myself to go that dark. Some other time maybe, but not this one. To me, rape isn’t erotic. It brutal and ugly and putting it into words is hard. Some writers are able to do it and bring forth literary genius, I am not that writer. I don’t want to play with it.

      The rape fantasy is attractive to me. It isn’t outside the realm of possibility to stimulate a reaction from a woman even if she doesn’t want to. There are things I react to even when I don’t plan on it.

      1. Mark Davis

        Good, I’m glad that you didn’t mind the frank questions, and I appreciate your direct answers. I can understand you not wanting to go that dark on a horror like the reality of rape. You said “The rape fantasy is attractive to me.” The fantasy of rape is also attractive to me, but before I write another word, I just want to make clear that I know there is a world of difference between “rape fantasy” and “rape reality” Rape reality is a horrible and brutal crime of violence and degradation. Rape fantasy can be erotic, and I’m sure you know that many women think that a rape fantasy can be erotic, even if some women would rather not admit it. But there are also many women who are horrified by any form of rape fantasy.

        I’m going to give you a link, but don’t feel obligated to read it. It’s my version of my exploration of the rape fantasy, from my own male perspective. My writing is somewhat primitive compared to your talent for description, but I still know how to tell a convincing story. I tend to be a better journalist with an imagination for telling a story, than I am a writer of your caliber.

        Anyway, check it out and tell me what you think, if you want to…

        1. Post
          Cara Thereon

          It’s the total loss of control that’s arousing to me. That someone wants me, but it’s controlled. Not overly violent and the elements of fear add to the arousal. Not being able to control your reaction in a situation that’s innately wrong is what I enjoy writing.

          Flattery will get you everywhere? I’ll check out your piece in a bit.

    1. Post

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