Secret Sex Lives


The Secret Sex Lives of Wanda Mitty by Felix Baron.

Before I review this, let me confess to conforming to a stereotype. I don’t read a lot of erotica written by men. Not that I don’t believe men can’t write good, emotional, erotica that makes my clit stand up. Well, I don’t believe it anymore than a woman couldn’t write rough sex that’s all sensation. It’s just I have a hard time getting into erotica written by men for women because its such a female dominated profession.

What I’m saying is, I had to enter in with an open mind.

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I started this book, put it down for a long time (a month at least), and just now managed to pick this back up. My thought: It’s written in a way I don’t find the most enjoyable.

The character is a bit of a sex addict. Or more accurately, she’s a daydreamer who thinks about sex to the point where she can’t always distinguish reality from fantasy. Is this really happening or is she imagining it all?

Okay… I don’t finish the book. It just didn’t read well and I have no real desire to pick it back up. Wanda Mitty came off as flaky and ridiculous to me. Maybe I’ll make another go of it, but it’s been over a month and the odds aren’t in this book’s favor.

Since I didn’t finish it, I won’t rate it. Of the three books I read, this was the dud for me.


  1. Chris Mooney Author

    honest comment have to say….interesting….can men write erotica that appeal to women….can we feel the same feelings as a woman….can we share the duvet of sensuality that women can retreat to..? An area to explore….and perhaps phrases and descriptions to avoid..?

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