Her Husband’s Lover

Another book from Mischief, and this one will dampen your panties (it did mine at least)


Her Husband’s Lover by Madelynne Ellis

Emma married her husband, Lyle, knowing his proclivities. Behavior that could see him hanged in that time, but that she accepts easily. She finds their arrangement suitable as a difficult past has made it hard for her to accept the touch of another. When Robert Darleston arrived at Emma’s family estate at the prompting of his twin brother, she is captivated and feels a desire she hasn’t felt in years; the desire to touch. But her feelings are complicated by the fact that Darleston is Lyle’s former lover. They are then set on a course of thawing Emma’s iciness and discovering a way to blend them into something beautiful. If they can overcome the many obstacles in their way, with the greatest barrier to their happiness being Robert’s wife.

My gosh, I really enjoyed this book! It combined a number of things that I enjoy when I read. Erotica, M/M/F interactions, and a historical romance. Real, enjoyable characters. The storyline and the romance did it for me, and my gosh I loved the sex.

I’d give this one a 5 out of 5 for its ability to make me hot.

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