Do Not Disturb

Received another great compilation from Mischief! Sharing it with you.


Do Not Disturb. A collection of ten erotic stories by various writers that looks into discreet liaisons and steamy affairs in hotel rooms.

Description: The evening with Mr Alpha in a luxury suite is already intense, but when the hot barman from downstairs is also invited to the private party, the passion enters unchartered territory.

The idea of reviving a spark of romance at an ice hotel, might seem like an instant freeze for a jaded wife, but the thawing power of an unusual and exotic location cannot be underestimated.

Farrah’s trip to a swish Honolulu hotel becomes a journey filled with gift-wrapped surprises that come with a single instruction: Use Only With Me.

I’m a huge fan of compilations because you get to experience a variety of writing styles and from that discover writers you want to follow. The obvious downfall is short stories in a comp tend to feel rushed so only 2 or 3 make the cut for being well-developed, well thought out, super hot stories worth reading. It’s never all of them which is probably more taste of the reader (or editor putting the book together) than the ability of the writers.

This book actually was filled with ten well written stories that were hot and well-developed. I felt like the characters all had great personality and I found I was able to connect with them. To the point that I wanted more story after. It’s rare to find that in a series of shorties, but I found it here.

One of my favorites was a Touch of Class, A Bit of Rough. Just the thought of the “help” messing around in the rooms of their important guests excited me. There were other stories that lit my fire, including An Airport, Anywhere and Ssh, No Speaking.

Another book worth the read.

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*Ebook given by Mischief in exchange for an honest review.

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