Naked, the ambient air

Cara kneeling down while Daddy strokes her back

She’d climbed on the bed on all fours like he’d asked and waited.

Naked, the ambient air raising goosebumps on her skin, she waited in perfect position.


He was nearby she sensed, but he stayed out of her direct sight and she didn’t want to break position to look for him.

Why leave her wet and waiting? Tears stung her eyes

Fatigue made her call out, bringing him to her side.

“Why?” She asked as he pulled her into his arms.

“Because I need to know you’ll speak up instead of simply tolerating it when things are too much.”

Cara kneeling down while Daddy strokes her back

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  1. elliott

    Good post.

    I have not decided if it is a good thing, or smart, to save up Cara Theron stories and read a whole bunch in a row. There are also the photographs to consider. It can be a sensory overload. I do know one thing, it sure feels good.

    1. Post

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