The choice to take it

Book of secrets

Kelly was in some kind of sexual haze.

They’d lead her to the kitchen, putting her under one of the work tables that the staff sat at to make bread. Her handler, a stocky man with bronze skin and a shock of white hair, had pushed her under it and tied her hands to slat on either side of the table. He told her to stay and said he’d bring her water later.

She faced one of the benches, her hair brushing the bottom of the table if she didn’t stay on her knees.

A pair of legs appeared in front of her. They were female, shapely with practical beige hosiery. Whomever it was parted her thighs to reveal her naked cunt. A small patch of brown hair decorated the mons, but the lips were naked. The plump majora parted to reveal the flowering minora. She was coral on the inside and smelled amazing.

“Go on then. I’ve only got a few minutes.”

She looped her leg around Kelly’s back and yanked her forward.

“I haven’t got all day.”

Kelly was overcome, that deep need to please hit her and she found herself diving in eagerly.

She lost track of time after that. The first woman turned into a man with a thin cock that stabbed at her throat who turned into a very dark woman who tasted of vanilla to another woman who smothered her with her thighs. She enjoyed every second of it, including the man who made her jaw ache and filled her mouth to over flowing with come. It all dribbled down her chin, decorated her chest, and made her clit pulse with unsatisfied need.

When her handler returned with water, he made her drink it on her knees. She waved her ass around, begging to be fucked. Couldn’t he see how wet she was?

“Back under. You can suck my cock, but no coming for you.”

Kelly whimpered. She wasn’t at all herself, but didn’t care. She just wanted come.

He directed her back under the table and unlaced his trousers. His cock stood proud and she knew he’d been getting off on what she’s been doing. He didn’t even need to command her, Kelly was already reaching for him.

With a needy moan, she sucked on him. This book she enjoyed and she could stay like this forever.

When Jay woke up, he was still in the stable. He wasn’t sure how long he had slept, but he felt at ease and well rested.

The quiet was as comforting as his took in his surroundings. He felt strangely safe. Not a feeling he was wholly familiar with. Kelly made him feel a form of safety, but he still struggled to relax his guard. He realized he kept some of his feelings locked down out fear that she would walk away from him.

Jay realized he did that with anyone who tried to get close to him. He was the savior, he was the one they relied on. But giving up that control and trusting someone else to catch him? Not something that came easily.

Here? In this stall with the accoutrements saying he was a slave, Jay felt different. Choice had been removed and he recognized that holding on to rage and fear was killing him. He guessed it took being chained down to feel free.

His mind turned back to Kelly and those emotions that were bubbling up. He had some really deep scary emotions where she was concerned. Not love yet, but pretty damn close if he considered his willingness to get her to start reading again.

That shit was beyond scary and he realized he’d started to do little things to distance himself from her emotionally. Nothing she’d notice yet, but they were his tells to keep him safe for if… when she left him.

It needed to stop. He didn’t want to push her away. Kelly was the first girl who made him forget about work, his past, everything. He wasn’t usually this sappy, but for once he was going to try to let it happen.

“You’re ready.”

The gypsy’s voice startled him so badly he yelped. Pushing up on his hands and knees, he glanced around his stall, but no one was in with him.

So weird.

He attempted to relax back down, but he no sooner settled back on the blankets when the gate to his pen unlatched, putting him back on high alert. Simon entered with the red ball gag and a black mask with ears.

He’d changed. The white shirt and heavy brown pants. He was shirtless and wearing grey trousers made of linen.

Weariness made him want to move away. Simon, damn him, was incredibly perceptive and slowed his approach. It’s probably why he did this for a living,

“Easy boy.” he spoke in a low voice. “You know my rules.”

Jay clenched his jaw, eyeing the open gate behind Simon.

“Don’t be stupid,” he cautioned. “I don’t want to hurt you, but running will earn you a punishment you will not enjoy.”

Simon crept closer, his bare feet stepping carefully. He stopped when he was halfway to Jay and held the objects out in front of them.

“I’d rather you come to me. I’m giving you the chance to submit.”

Another moment of no control for Jay. He didn’t know he could do it.

“Think. Think about what me breaking you could do to your spirit.” Simon took another step forward, his face serious. “I’m not here to rape or abuse you, but I need your submission or this won’t work.”

Jay swallowed. He had a choice. There was no doubt from Simon’s words what would happen. Simon’s apparent strength spoke volumes and while he wouldn’t touch him sexually, he could and would use that as a means to have Jay’s obedience.

There was only one way he wants this to go.

Jay rose to his hands and knees. After a moment to steady himself on the boots, he crawled toward Simon.

“That’s it.”

Simon stood with his hand out, beckoning Jay on. Each step released something in him. He was closer to… something he couldn’t explain as the distance closed between them.

“Very good.” When Jay reached him, Simon hooked a finger through the O-ring on his collar so he could pull him up. “You’ll learn I always reward those who obey me.”

He tapped Jay’s lips and he parted them. Then came the hood.

“Steady,” he cautioned.

It was disorienting. Not quite a sensory deprivation mask, but there were blinders that narrowed his vision to only what was in front of him. He could breathe and he did so slowly as to not panic.

“I am your voice. Just follow me.”

This was another step. Jay made the choice to take it because he knew he’d discover himself on the other side of this experience.

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