“I can get you over here.” 

He stepped around the lady in front of him to the second register and stopped short. This guy was cute. The thought startled William enough that it took a moment for him to remember his order. 

“How ya doing today?” Pretty blue eyes smiled at him. 

They were the same height so it was easy to be snared in his gaze, easier still to imagine leaning closer and watching those long lashes sweep down to hide pupils blown wide with desire. William stared over the register at the blue eyes barista a little thrown to be so attracted to the man. 

“Better now.” He came back after a beat. 

The man simply chuckled before replying with, “What can I get you?” 
The man was poised in readiness to give him whatever he wanted. Expectation hovered in the air between them. Whatever William wanted was quickly morphing into naughty things that made his face suffuse with heat. 

He gathered himself enough to glance down and to the right, catching sight of the man’s name stitched on his apron. 

“Just a grande, medium roast with two shots of caramel, Billy.”

The other man’s cheeks flushed a light pink at his name. From the way Williams lips stretched across his face, he knew his smile was far toothier than any smile he’d ever flashed. He was struggling to keep his thoughts from going down the rabbit trail, an impossibility when Billy turned around to retrieve his coffee. 

Even though William’s tastes ran toward women across the board, he found he couldn’t look away from the way Billy’s ass filled out the absurd skinny jeans he wore. The man was thin, thinner then he liked on any person. Billy was the definition of a hipster with his flannel and gray beanie, a combination he couldn’t stand. That slight distaste for his tendencies did nothing to stop his need to touch the other man. To bend Billy over the counter in his apartment and fuck that pert little ass the man was wiggling as he worked. 

Billy turned back with the full cup and a smile that reached his bright eyes. 

“Can I get you anything else, sir?” Billy’s voice seemed to have deepened and slid along William’s spine and made his belly clench. 

“Not right this moment, Billy.” 

But later…

It was an easy decision to grab a table and slowly sip his coffee. Watching the easy way Billy moved behind the counter made him harder than he’d been in a while. Utterly distracting.

A woman with long blonde hair sat one table over with her latte. She was definitely his type with the bronze expanse of her clevage visible to him and her long legs encased in black leggings. He should’ve been easily drawn, but he couldn’t take his eyes off Billy. 

William finished his cup and reluctantly made a move to leave. It was embarrassing how long he’d let himself linger when he had a list of things he needed to do at the office. Sometimes his cock ran away with his brain before the rest of him could catch up. Now all parts of him were reengaged and he needed to get going. 

Out the door in the crisp air, some of his lust cleared. William shrugged off his distraction as he unlocked his car. 

“Excuse me, sir.” A soft voice stopped him in his tracks. 

He turned to find Billy a step behind him on the sidewalk. This close, he could smell hazelnut wafting from the other man’s skin. It made his mouth water and his pulse quicken. 

“You left your phone on the table.” 

Billy stepped into his personal space so he could feel the other man’s heat. They’re eyes were locked and he watched those long lashes he’d admired earlier sweep down to fan across his cheeks. When Billy opened his eyes again his pupils had nearly consumed all the blue of his iris. 

“Thank you.” William could do nothing except stammer, too caught up to be his usual cool self. 

He expected Billy to place the phone in his palm. Instead a strong hand pressed against his belt before the phone was tucked in his front pocket. 

Billy left him standing there on the sidewalk with a dazed head and a semi from the glancing touch. It was too many moments before he was able to make it the short distance to his car. 

He slid in, pulling his phone back out when dug into his hip. When a slip of paper fluttered to the floor, he scrambled to grab it before it disappeared in the mess of his car. 

Opening it slowly, he exhaled a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding. A phone number and a capital B were scrawled across the paper in small, blocky writing. He felt the smile spread across his face as he tucked it back in his pocket. It would be interesting to see where this led. 


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