Cat Got Your Tongue 

I may revisit this. There’s more here and I want to give it depth. 

He woke to a raging headache. One eye popped open and then promptly closed when the light threatened to singe his retina and evaporate his brain. 

Hot as sin and on the verge of vomiting, he kicked of the covers and sighed as cool air hit his body. He was pretty sure he was going to die from the amount of Jaggermiester he drank last night. If the way his body was vibrating was any indication, he’d die sooner rather than later. 


“Good morning.” The words are a sultry purr in his ear. It’s enough to drain the blood from his brain straight to his cock. 

He registered the warm, no hot, body in his arms that was silky beneath his fingertips. After that came the hum of her chest against his side and her wet pussy pressed into his thigh. 

A smile spread across his face as he considered the one good decision he’d made last night. His head was pounding a little less with his cock so full. Maybe some recreational fucking would cure what ailed him. 

“Good Morn-” 

Enough blood returned to his head in that moment to realize two things. 1) what he was feeling was most definitely not human hair, and 2) the humming he felt was…

“Are you purring?” 

His eyes popped open and he turned his head to look into bright, luminescent green, cat eyes. They blinked back at him before I long pink tongue flicked out to lick his lips. 

“Of course. What else could I be doing?” She gave a delicate meow and leaned closer. “Actually, I can think of something I could be doing right now.”

“Whoa!” He rolled away, nearly falling off his bed in his haste. “What the fuck is going on?” 

What lay in his bed was a woman, her shape and full breasts gave that away. There was no disputing she was female, but it was the rest of her that defied explanation. 

Delicate white pointy ears sat on top of her head, surrounded by dark hair that floated around her face. Her pupils were slits as she smirked up at him. His gaze snapped to the long tail swishing in the air above her. What happened last night? 

“You showed up at my bar looking for a good time and I gave you one.” 

Had he spoken out loud? Maybe he was still drunk? The way his head pounded said he was on his way to sober. But what the heck had led to this? He couldn’t find all the pieces from last night in his memory so he went back to examining her. 

She was covered in short black that seemed to change shades in the light. Scratch that, she was covered in fur except for her lips, her nipples, and her pussy. Her pussy that was so bare and plump his mind fuzzed a little. 

“I’m ready to show you a good time again. It looks like you’re ready for it, too.” 

His eyes snapped back to find her kneeling before him, her pupils blown wide to devour the green of her iris. He stepped back and she dropped to her hands to begin crawling to him. The way she looked at him like prey, her eyes trained on his cock, sent a shiver down his spine that wasn’t all fear. Her lithe body coming across the bed, her beautiful ass waving as her tail stood tall, was leaving him confused and painfully aroused. She was this weird mix of feline grace and feminine wiles that was driving me fucking crazy. 

His back hit the wall behind him, jarring some sense back into him. She dropped to the floor and slunk toward him. 

“Wait,” he started with hands raised. “I don’t know what I did last night, but I think it’s best if you leave.” 

Instead of leaving, she continued until she was right in front of him. His body apparently didn’t care that this… cat woman was really weird. All it was concerned about was the way her ass and tits swayed. 

She wrapped a hand – unfurred! – around his cock and gave a squeeze. His hips jerked and he released a strangled sound when that tongue darted out to wrap around his weeping cockhead. 

“Hold on a sec.” She gave him another long lick drawing a groan from him. “I’ll refresh your memory.”

And then she swallowed him to the root. 

“Mother. Fucker.” He ground the words out as his knees threatened to buckle his knees. 

She looked petite, but her throat opened up and wrapped around him like a glove. The way she winked up at him with her button nose buried in his stomach and then turned on that purr did cause his knees to go. He grabbed at the dresser beside him before he totally collapsed. 

Between her mouth and he tongue, he lost track of time. 

When she pulled back, he was trembling. Fuck trembling, he was sweating with balls so tight it was a wonder he didn’t cum on her face. She just laughed and lay back on the carpet, spreading her thighs until he could see her wet core. Dark lips opened to a dark coral center and his dick pulsed she placed on finger on her clit. 

“Is it coming back to you now?” 

“It’s coming,” he panted, eyes glued to her finger. 

“Mm, I think it should come,” she slid her finger down slowly, “right,” moving until her lips were spread wide and teasing at her opening, “here.” 

His dick jumped again. The fuck if he cared what happened last night, or who/what she was at the moment. He was too busy sliding into the hottest pussy he’d every seen or felt. 

He’d solve the mystery later. 


  1. Gena M

    A bit strange but hugely erotic. I liked reading it and ope you explore this theme a lot further. I am sure it has a lot of places, turns and twists that you could go to.

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  2. Aku

    Definitely a change from your usual story 😀 Have to admit, it almost sounds like that one time we toyed momentarily with the idea that you take the tail end (no pun intended) of one of my wierdo scifi stories and continue it into a somewhat more… erotic sojourn.
    Definitely interesting and I like his lack of actual full our freaking out.
    Happy New Year C., and all the best for a lovely year ahead to you.

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