Untitled: Light

This feels like it would fit in my untitled series. 

He’d stripped her of her bottoms in spite of her fight to keep them. His hand had landed with a resounding smack that held her in place. As he’d bent her over the side of the bed, he’d left her there with a smirk and words to be grateful her top remained. For now. 

Humiliation burned hot at the way he continued to treat her. Something else slithered through her tangling with her feelings of abasement. 

After two weeks in his house, she felt that familiar prickle of arousal that heated her lower half. She wanted to shift, but feared he would hurt her if she moved too much. The chest tightening fear did nothing to squash the arousal. As her heart beat a stuttered tattoo, her pussy seemed to unfurl between her thighs. She could feel her clit beat out the same rhythm and she resisted the urge to place her hand there to soothe her ache. 

She wanted him. Beneath her consuming fear she wanted to feel him inside her. She needed to feel the near painful stretch of him. 

“Are you getting antsy, kitten?” His fingers dragged along her flank. “Do you want me to fuck you now?”

She held her tongue, biting back the automatic yes that threatened to shoot from her. Just his touch was enough to elicit scary things in her. 

He chuckled behind her. “I should take the belt to your ass for not answering my question, but I think I’ll give you what you need. For being a good kitten earlier.” 

Earlier. When she’d parted her lips willingly and allowed him to fuck her throat. She felt the wetness seep from her body, covering her inner thighs as she thought about the way she submitted to his pleasure. 

His fingers teased her outer lips, swirling in the dew coating her. “You want it so bad.” 

So bad she hurt. 

She listened to the rustle and fall of his clothes behind her, the sound sending her need soaring. Arousal was steadily surpassing fear the longer she was with him. 

The feel of his cock parting her pussy made her wiggle. A sharp slap to her bottom stilled all movement and made her gush. It was a reminder of who controlled her body, who held all the power. From the moment he’d taken her he’d all the power. 

He surged deep and she gasped as he filled her. Clenching the sheets, she panted softly as her body adjusted. 

Cruel fingers wound through her hair, pulling her up. His teeth sinking into her shoulder sent a bolt of pain through her that set her whole body on fire. 

“Oh, God,” she whimpered as he surged deep again. 

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