My story writing muscles are stiff, arthritic, and slightly anemic. This is just to help me work out some kinks mentally. Just written ruminations.  

My eyes caught on her cocoa-colored legs as she slid in the cab. That denim skirt hitched to mid thigh and I swear to God I saw a flash of pale pink as she placed her bag in her lap. I watched as she made herself comfortable in the bucket seats, unable to look away from the junction of her hips and the barely hidden promise of pussy. I let my gaze climb past that tempting spot, only getting hung up on her breasts snug in her tshirt for a heartbeat before I finally met her eyes. 

Her oval face was framed by curly tresses that floated around her. She offered a tentative smile that woke something dangerous inside me. 

“Where ya headed?” 

The words came out a gravelly mess but I didn’t bother altering my tone. Besides, I liked the way her eyes widened in surprise. 

She licked her lips, turning away to buckle her belt before replying, “New Brunswick.” 

Lord, her voice flowed over my body like warm chocolate. It was easy to imagine her legs wrapped around my hips, her tongue teasing my skin, her eyes wide as she came around my cock. 

“Yea, I can take ya.” 

I put the truck in gear and pulled off the side of the shoulder. Half my attention was on the road, the other half was on the way her legs stretched out. She had her bag between her thighs now, squeezing the material to keep it in place, and forcing her skirt higher. I let the silence linger for a while longer, the sounds of the road barely penetrating the quiet. 

“Where ya coming from?” 

She jerked a little in her seat and I got a sick thrill out of startling her. I could picture her jerking as I laid stripes across her ass. Those cheeks rippling and welting after each strike. 

“Uh… Georgia.” 

“Running away from home? Sure your family is missing ya right about now.” 

Her lips parted and she blinked like a deer caught in the headlights. “No, just… Trying something different.” 

As we flew down the highway, I let the fantasy form into a plan that sent me from semi hard to nearly busting my trousers. I couldn’t help smiling as I let the idea continue to take shape. 

“Nothing wrong with wanting to try something different,” I told her with a low chuckle. 


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