Caught (5)

Chapter 5

Their erratic breathing filled the room. She let his body weigh her down into the bed, her arms numb from being bound so long. It didn’t bother her though. No, she enjoyed the numbness as well as the way he grew semi hard inside of her, and the slow snake of his cum as it slid from her. The languid feeling invaded her limbs, and she just enjoyed the afterglow. It had been so long since she’d just let go and let herself feel.

“What are you so scared of?” His lips brushed her ear.

Her sense of satisfaction dimmed. “Let me up.”

“Not until you talk to me.” His tone broke no argument.

Sighing, Gazelle pressed her cheek into the comforter. “Hunter, let me up. Please.”

After a moment, he lifted his upper body, allowing the cooler air to brush over her sweaty back. She expected him to slide from her body, but he simply unknotted her hands, his cock still seated deep inside. The blood rushed back into her hands as she stretched them over her head. She chafed her wrists on the bed to ease the ache.

He pressed into her, trapping her lower body against the edge of the bed. Feeling very naked, Gazelle tried to life her legs and move forward on to the bed, but hands on her hips stopped her. She looked over her shoulder to find him and was surprised to find him naked; his tanned skin gleamed in the light, his hair mussed in that way she found undeniably sexy. One light brown brow was lifted in question, and she scowled at him. She needed distance and clothing before she talked about anything with him, but he didn’t seem to want to recognize or honor her nonverbal request for either thing.

“I’m not talking to you while I’m like this,” she gritted out as she glared. “It makes me feel –“ His hand came down hard on her hip and she sputtered to a stop.

“Ah, but we aren’t concerned with how you feel, are we?” He caressed the spot that burned from his slap. “We do this how I want because that’s what you agreed to before you stepped into this room. Isn’t that right, Gazelle?”

She hesitated in answering and he slapped her on the other hip, causing her to clench around his cock. He moaned and she felt him harden and fill her again. There was no way she could think straight with him inside her like this.

“Hunter,” she pled as he withdrew a little and then thrust in. “Please.”

“But this is the only way you’ll talk, isn’t it?” Gazelle hated how controlled he sounded when she already felt herself unraveling. Her hands gripped the comforter as he retreated. This time his forward thrust made her gasp. “You think too damn much. So answer the question, what are you so scared of?”

The way he played her body, pulling long tendrils of pleasure out of her, was hard to ignore. She tried to concentrate on his question, but couldn’t focus. The glide of his cock was all she could feel. Each thrust was slow torture. He’d give her no satisfaction until she answered him. She dissolved into mewling whimpers, uncaring that in that moment she behaved like the wanton she promised she’d never become.

“Gazelle.” He grabbed a hunk of her hair, pulling when he had it wrapped around his hand. His voice was seductive when he spoke into her ear. “I can go on like this all night. Answer my question.”

She wanted to claw him, wanted to crawl away from him, wanted him to give her what she needed. Instead Gazelle blurted out what sat on her tongue. “Myself.”

For one beat, his thrusts stopped and his grip on her hair loosened, and then he picked back up that slow pace. “Why are you scared of yourself, love? Answer.”

Gazelle didn’t want to; she didn’t want to admit that she had a need deep inside her.

A hard tug on her hair forced the words from her. “Because I want to be a slut. I want you to use me, make me, force me…”

“Perfect,” was his satisfied reply and then he was plowing her with thrusts that sent sensations zipping through her.

Even admitting it released something inside her and she found herself whispering desperate words into the comforter. He must have heard her pleas because he showed no mercy as he took her, giving her what he promised.

This time the orgasm crested and swamped her. She clamped down around him, squeezing him, her body dying to have his cum filling her up. He gave a loud grunt and she shuddered as the warmth of him bathed her body.

Gazelle collapsed into the bed, feeling boneless and too tired to do anything except lay there. She only sighed softly when Hunter eased from her body. He lifted her up, pulled the comforter back, and placed her on the cool sheets. All she wanted was for him to curl up around her body so she could go to sleep.

When the covers came down on top of her, she rolled over to see him standing beside her. His expression was a mix of emotions before turning neutral when he met her gaze. Fighting sleep, Gazelle reached out a hand for him.

He shook his head at her, a smile softening the lines of his face. “Rest. I have to get back to the party. When you’re ready, come downstairs and find me. I’ll have something for you.”

Her hand dropped to the bed beside her, her chest aching strangely. There was a hard light reflected in his eyes that made her nervous, but she wouldn’t ask him what he was thinking. She’d allowed enough of her vulnerability to show tonight and didn’t think she could handle more. Gazelle simply rolled over.

Snuggling down in the fluff of blankets, she let her eyes drift shut, the sounds of him moving around the room filling her ears as sleep claimed her.


  1. foresterinthewoods

    It amazed me Cara, how a woman becomes so disconnected with mind and thought when submitting to strong thrusts. She expressed her desire to be taken, had, overwhelmed, and left to sleep. You have described these experiences in such detail. Many of which I have found of late. Great work.

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