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Cara's breast covered in blue wax with a knife against it

Finishing up my month long Storyin12 Flash/drabbling with this September’s prompt for Sinful Sunday. I have Stan by Eminem in my head, which colored the post… – “I’d written you so many times and you never answered. Why?” She woke to that question. He hovered over her, anger coloring his face. Trying to rise, she …


A photo of Cara unbuttoning her blouse, leaving her breasts exposed

Double dip! #storyin12 and #SinfulSunday – It was an offer she couldn’t refuse. Supposedly. “I’ll pay all the company debt. Just cut a check and write it all off.” She narrowed her eyes at him. “And the catch?” His smile had an edge to it. This was the man she was used to dealing with. …