Cara Thereon

I am a writer who wants nothing more than to express myself through my words. I'm old enough to write what I like and live where the weather suits me best.

Zest for Life

Catch up? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 “Master Drake…” Drake held up his hand to stay whatever words about to trip of Fritz tongue. A useless task, as his valet continued on anyway. “You need to actually speak with the young lady instead of scaring her.” “I’m not scaring Bella.” …


A photo of Cara taking a photo of her taking a photo of her masturbating.

I’m very good at convincing myself I don’t need touch. Too good, actually. Long periods without it and I stop thinking about it. Same as I do with sex. I block it out so I don’t crave it even if it’s what I need. The other bad thing is I’ve been touched when I haven’t …