Thank You Very Much

Part one and two

He pulled her by her hair back into the living room, releasing her when they neared the couch.

“Do not move.”

Garrett stared her down until she nodded her acquiescence.

She remained there, stuck in place as he left the room and returned with her hairbrush. It was her heavy duty brush that she used when her hair was being particularly difficult. The wood would leave a beast of a bruise on her butt when it landed.

Sarah’s thighs began to tremble, eyes wide as he moved around her to settle on the couch. Fuck. She’d had dreams about being spanked with that brush, but that’s all they’d ever been. Dreams.

“Come across my lap, Sarah.”

The command moved her into robotic action. She closed the small space and draped herself over his lap. One of his hands wrapped around her hair as he adjusted her so her bottom rose higher on his lap. He held her there, arched up and exposed.

“You will remain arched like this. You will take every spank and thank me for it. I except to find your cunt wet when I check you, and I will fuck you like you’re my sex doll when I’m done. You’ll come when I tell you, won’t you, Sarah?”

“Yes,” she gasped out, shocked by the way his words made her needy.

He lay the brush on her bottom, the wood cool on her already heated skin. When it disappeared, she held her breath. Her heart seemed to stutter in anticipation of that very first strike, her very first spanking.

It landed with a crack that drove the breath from her body. The pain spread like fire across her skin, blooming in a way that made her want to crawl away.

“You will remain still.”

She froze in her attempt to squirm, returning to the position he’d put her in. Her breathing rushed in and out, her heart refusing to settle as she tried to process that first strike.

It was what she’d fantasized about, worse and better. The pain did things to her mind and body that made her buzz. He’d put the full weight of his power behind it though, making it potentially unbearable.

Sarah was deep in her thoughts so when he reached between her thighs to slide two thick fingers into her cunt, she nearly toppled off his lap.

“Your body has an acute physical reaction to being beaten. I believe it’s not just that, but because I’m the one spanking you.”

He thrust both fingers deeper, making her pant as he stretched her.

“I believe you could be trained to come from a beating.” He opened his fingers inside her, his head tilted as he gazed at her bottom. “Today is an introduction to punishment.”

She heard his mental communication not to move mere seconds before the brush fell on her bottom in earnest. Her hands clawed the cushion as she tried her damndest to remain still. The fire started on the skin level and then sank deep into the muscle as he showed no mercy. He truly meant to punish her for her thoughts.

When it stopped, she was covered in a sheen of sweat and weeping.

“I’m sorry,” she blubbered. “I’ll be good.”

He gathered her hair in his fist, pulling her head back until he could stare into her tear streaked face. His eyes were hard, drilling into hers.

“You will be a good girl from now on. Your thoughts will center on how you’ll please me because I own you now. You’ll do what I say, when I say it.”

“Yes,” she replied in haste.

“I’ll teach you how to obey and spank you and fuck you because that’s all you’ve ever wanted in life. Someone to take away your control.”

He rearranged and reprogrammed her with each word until she nodded her agreement.


Her mind was blank except for thoughts of pleasing him. Pleasing him was important to her well-being. He stared at her and then nodded.

“I’ll reward you for listening. On your back, Sarah.”

She scrambled up, eager again in spite of the throb of her bottom. He assisted her to the ground so she lay on her back. When she was down, he lifted her legs, pinning her down with his hands on her thighs. She was exposed like this, her cunt pointed to the ceiling so he had easy access to her.

He stared down at her, his cock sliding along her lips. It made her whole body tremble to be so vulnerable. The scary intent in his eyes heightening her fear and arousal.

“No need to worry, Sarah, I’ll fuck you until you beg me to stop.” His fingers dug into her her thighs. “Until you beg me to keep going because you need this.”

Her mind slowed. Her vision superimposed with the image of him using her relentlessly. He planned to fuck her like the machine he was until her broke her. He’d make her beg him to keep going until her mind was empty and her body tired.

His smile was dark and full of malicious intent. Still so beautiful, but tinged with the danger that would undo her.

“Take comfort, Sarah, you may come as much and as often as you’d like.”

That first thrust was as intense as the first strike with the brush. Sarah received this far differently. Her body relented in slick welcome because his will superseded hers. She was no longer the master of herself because this robot ruled all.

“We will do well together.” He leaned closer for a chaste kiss. “Very well together.”


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      Cara Thereon

      I was aiming for sensual/sexy with the robot angle, but it ended up more sinister. I suppose that’s where my mind went on this. Maybe my hidden bias toward robots is showing

  1. May More

    I have waited until I had enough time to sit and read all episodes in one session. That was a mesmerising story. Be careful what you wish for and all that.
    The current topical nature of robots did make it feel quite sinister (that’s also the skill of your storytelling), and I truly worry that one day, in the not so distant future, we will be offered this experience by mail order.
    I am one who loves to be controlled sexually as I get so tired of being in control in day to day living. But i know I want a human to take me – not a machine.
    I do not feel uneasy with any of your writing – such a tale you have told is extremely powerful because it may be just around the corner.
    Absoltuly well done! Amazing

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  2. Elliott

    It will be interesting to see if this story continues. But I can see how this could be the last chapter, because your story has a beginning a middle and an end with these words “Very well together.” I liked these lines… will fuck you like you’re my sex doll… He rearranged and reprogrammed her with each word

    Definitely getting a Twilight Zone vibe here. It would be interesting to see Sarah try to turn the tables and take control over her robot.

    Excellent writing here, Cara. Gorgeous photo, I wonder if Sarah was wearing a thong like that? Oh, that’s another thing… I liked how you didn’t go into a lot of unnecessary details describing the characters, letting the reader imagine.

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