Mr Roboto

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When dinner was ready, Sarah rose to fix her plate. She’d barely lifted herself from the seat when he shot her a look.

“Sit. You will not be serving yourself tonight. You have other tasks to complete.”

She sat down slowly, fighting the urge to obey, but finding it difficult. She settled for asking the more obvious question.


He placed both plates in front of him and then sat in his chair. He contemplated her, his eyes scanning her body slowly. His look heated her to near boiling.

“You are a very sexy woman, Sarah. The body I’ve been given reacts positively to yours.”

She blushed. “Well, that’s good I guess.”

Garrett tilted his head to the side. “I believe now is a good time put into action the things I’ve learned. Come here, Sarah.”

The words triggered immediate action from her. She rose and circled the table to stand beside his chair. Part of her wanted to chafe at the robot commanding her, but the rest was the same girl from earlier. Eager to obey.

“Kneel here, beside me.” She sank to her knees on the linoleum floor at his command. “I will feed you.”

She opened her mouth to protest. She wasn’t a dog, she could feed herself.


The word reverberated through her, silencing her would-be protest before it could form. Her lips remained sealed, leaving her staring up at him from where she knelt on the floor.

He took a forkful of food and then turned around to her. She wanted to resist being fed, but his stare made her comply. Her lips parted, allowing him to slide the food over her tongue.

“You will allow me to feed you, and when I’ve finished, you will suck my cock like a good girl.”

Her forehead creased as she chewed. He’d wrested control from her with ease and she wasn’t sure how to gain it back. Did she want it back? The answer was getting fuzzier.

The scary thing was her cunt pulsed at the thought of his cock in her mouth.

“Don’t worry, Sarah, you’ll enjoy me controlling you. It’s what you’ve always wanted, isn’t it?”

She found herself nodding. Deep down, she knew it was true. She wanted someone who could take control and remain level headed through it all. She wanted to submit, wanted to be made to. Garrett had every intention of making her.


He fed her every morsel on her plate, sampling a bite or three of his own. She found herself wholly curious about how he processed the food.

“I have a mechanism in my gut that allows for the breakdown of a certain amount of food and turns it into a useable protein my body can utilize.”


She felt uncomfortable and dropped her head.

“No, Sarah, eyes on me. Do not look away even when you’re embarrassed.”

His voice was firm, leaving no room for argument. Her eyes were pulled back to his and stayed rooted there in spite of what she thought she wanted to do.

He turned fully toward her, parting his legs on either side of her body. He held her eyes, not allowing her to break the gaze until he commanded her.

“Now to your first task, Sarah.”

The stare broke then and her eyes dropped to his groin. He was painfully erect, the head almost purple and wet with pre-come.

“No hands. Show me.”

She leaned forward, lips parting to take him into her mouth. It shocked her anew how real he felt. Skin sliding over hardness, but nothing that felt like a machine. He felt like a man, and his moan of pleasure resonated through her like that of a real man. Sucking him certainly made her react to him like he was a real man.

“Your mouth feels amazing on me. You look so dirty, Kneeling there and sucking me like you can’t get enough. Shall I learn what it feels like to fuck your throat?”

His hand clamped around her nape and he forced himself to the back of her throat. She gagged and flailed, but he held her there until tears and spit ran from her. He gave her a brief moment to inhale before he forced himself in again.

“Come on, dirty girl. Your throat feels so good around me. You can take it.”

The way his voice reached so deep, touching her all over. He was in her head, teasing all her senses. Oh God, she could come from his voice alone.

“I am going to come and you’re to swallow every single drop.”

Yes. She knew he heard the word in her mind. She knew he heard every single one of her thoughts.

He held her still, pushing to the back of her throat and commanding her mentally to swallow. Her body took over, offering obedience to the man, the robot, in charge.

When he was ready, he released her allowing her to fall back on her bottom. She gasped for breath, feeling commingled fear and heavy arousal. Maybe letting him evolve was a mistake. She watched him wearily, wiping spit and come from her chin.

His face clouded briefly. “Bad girl, Sarah, thinking such things. I was going to give you a break, but perhaps a punishment is in order to remind you that you asked for this.”

He surged to his feet, gathering a handful of hair in his hand, and yanking her up so they were face to face. It wasn’t painful as much as a shock for its abruptness. The fear threatened to overwhelm the arousal.

This situation was spiraling out of her control.

“I’m in control here, Sarah. I will remind of that fact now.”

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Part three


  1. Elliott

    Thank God the story continues, or I guess thank Cara. This seems pretty real, natural, not contrived. Some lines I liked… a bite or three of his own… his moan of pleasure resonated through her…” Shall I learn what it feels like to fuck your throat?” I liked that he ate and the explanation, wonder what the protein is for? The fact he felt pleasure. And his question to her, a perfect way to introduce a new sex act. I am hoping he doesn’t turn out to be a mean robot.

    1. Elliott

      Oh, just so you can gauge the effects of your words, I started getting erect when Garrett said “Now to your first task, Sarah.” and by the end of this chapter I was pretty stiff.

    2. Post

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