Domo Arigato

Nipples out of my bra

Bear with me.

She shifted, fidgeted, and checked out the door for the millionth time.

Where the fuck was the post at? She’d been waiting for the delivery truck for the last hour. Mail usually arrived by now, but it was a quarter past eight and she worried it wouldn’t come tonight.

She paced away from the door to Check her phone. The tracking email said out for delivery. It should be here by now as she’d been waiting for this for many long months. Perhaps she needed to call the company in the morning and report the missing delivery? She chewed her thumbnail as she considered what to do.

A ring of the doorbell drew her out of her fretting. It also sent her dog, Max, into a frenzy. The fifty pound boxer woke from his slumber on the couch and made a mad dash to the door, barking his head off.

She flew to the door behind him, grabbing his collar as she pulled the door open. A man in a black and yellow outfit stood at the door, a huge box on a handcart beside him.

“Ms…” he glanced down at his handheld. “Turner? Got a delivery for you. Sign here.”

She held Max by one hand and scrawled something resembling a signature with the other. The man tucked the handheld away and pushed passed her with the cart.

“Living room?”

A few simple directions and he was laying the box on the carpet by the sofa. She was on her knees by the box, barely holding Max and assuming the delivery guy saw himself out.

“It’s here,” she breathed out, one had caressing the heavy wood.

Max sniffed the box and then pulled away to resume his napping position on the couch. That left her lost in a daze of anticipation.

“Just open it,” she whispered to herself. “You’ve waited forever so just open it.”

She sprung into action then. After a search, she found a hammer and some muscle to lever the top off the box. When it finally popped open, she sat back on her heels again and just stared.

It, he, was so lifelike it looked like a real man laying in the box. They’d made him to her specifications. Tall, dark hair, full lips, and the body of a swimmer. He was long limbed and tan skinned, and she squirmed as she imagined his brown eyes flecked with green staring down at her as he surged into her body from above.

She pulled out the instructions for turning him on. It was a simple sequence, but she continued reading through the manual before pressing any buttons.

Her options were to set him to only function at her command. He’d pretty much obey when she spoke without any true awareness. Or…

There was a warning about allowing the robots evolving cognition to take over. They haven’t tested it beyond knowing they processed information quickly and the machine had the capacity to make decisions the person may not be able to control.

She considered it carefully. Her dating life to this point had been difficult. It wasn’t because she wasn’t attractive, she guessed. She attracted people to her, but they tended to call her cold and stiff and unbending. She’d come to the conclusion that a man, a real one, wouldn’t be able to handle her. This machine was programmed to understand her and that understanding could evolve.

When it comes to this, she didn’t want to control the robot. She wanted him to have free reign of his abilities and she wanted to see what would happen with him.

Too many things were tightly controlled in her life, she wanted this one thing to be out of control in every way.

She’d barely finished programming the sequence when he came to life. His eyes slid open, the hazel irises flashing bright before settling down to the more subtle light brown.

He rose smoothly from the box, standing tall above where she knelt, naked and unashamed.

“Hello.” His deep voice made her shiver. “I am Garrett.”

She scrambled up, her body too warm with how close she was to his cock.

“Sarah,” she squeaked as she stuck out her hand. “Welcome to my home.”

As he grabbed her hand, a jolt passed between them, dazing her for a moment and making her embarrassingly wet. She stared up at him, confused by the intensity of her reaction and the way his skin felt so real against her palm. He smiled, a dawning understanding growing in his eyes as he shook her hand.

All sorts of naughty things passed through her mind as they lingered in that hold. She withdrew her hand reluctantly, the tingle of his touch still lingering on her skin.

She was out of sorts now. Her mind slow to catch up and her body on fire in a strange way.

“Uh… what would you like to do, Garrett?”

He smiled again and it stirred another physical reaction from her. His eyes were intent as if he was well aware of the way her body was reacting to him.

“To initiate my program’s learning interface, I require access to the internet.”

She nodded, eager to please for some odd reason, and then went to gather her computer from the kitchen counter. When she returned, he was seated next to Max, stroking his back with a quizzical look.

“What is this animal’s name?”

“Oh that’s Max.” The animal in question had his head on Garrett’s naked thigh. “He doesn’t usually like too many people.”

Garrett’s head tilted, a knowing look on his face. “Very much like his owner I imagine.”

She blushed at his accurate assessment. “I’m just selective. Not everyone deserves my care or attention.”

He simply nodded. “Very true. Many people don’t value your care or attention anyway. A loss for them.”

Sarah felt like he saw so much, understood so much in such a short time. It was strange to her.

“The computer,” she murmured, setting the device on his lap. “I’ll, uh, I’ll leave you to it.”

She thought to put space between them. The need to clear her jumbled mind was paramount in order to maintain her legendary control.

“Sit.” His eyes pinned her in place, the command very obvious.

She found herself moving toward him without much thought, sitting near so his side pressed into her. He felt warmer than he did earlier and he smelled delicious. It disconcerted her a bit to find herself leaning into him to sniff his shoulder.

He, on the other hand, was rapidly flipping through websites. Processing information in an almost absurd pace. Sarah had the weird feeling that she was connected to him and could almost hear the whirring of his hardware.

She was so busy staring at him she wasn’t paying attention to the post he ended up on.

“Your favorites have designated this as something you enjoy watching frequently.”

Sarah whipped her eyes to the screen, her face hot as she knew the exact tab he’d discovered. It was the spanking porn she watched at night when she wanted to get off. She didn’t watch or like much porn, but that one video was her go to.

It had a woman starting over the lap of a man, her naked bottom jiggling as he spanked her until her skin was red. In between spanks, he’d finger her cunt, the camera zooming in close to see how wet and pink she was from her spanking. It ended with him pinning her legs to her chest and fucking her until she was a shaking mess. He gave her no quarter, flipping her in whatever position he desired and drilling into her open body with relentless force.

She wanted that. She wanted it right now from the robot, the man sitting beside her.

He narrowed his eyes at the screen and then turned to her. “May I make you dinner, Sarah?”

The sudden change in topic threw her off. She was squirmy and uncomfortable, but didn’t know what to do with the energy.

“Yes. Yes, I’ll get the clothes I got you and then show you around the kitchen.”

She fled the living room, leaving him to do whatever he liked as long as she was able to get a breather. No man had ever unsettled her so much in such a short period of time. Perhaps him not really being a man made the difference. Whatever it was she was trembly, confused, and unsure. None of those things were her normal state and she didn’t quite know what to make of it.

It took a robot to unsettle her apparently.

It didn’t take her long to find the clothes she’d bought, but she lingered in the bedroom trying to get her bearings before she went back downstairs. Strangely, she couldn’t focus on anything except him. She could feel him moving around in the living room, knew the moment he moved from there to the kitchen, and could feel him thinking of what to make her.

She knew he had a basic knowledge of her programmed into his system, but she had the feeling that he was connected to her somehow. He certainly knew her better than he did the moment she’d turned him on. In many ways, she felt like he had a much better grasp on things than she ever could. It was exciting and scary at the same time.

After a few deep breaths, she returned downstairs to find him in the kitchen. More than that, he’d already started making her tacos.

“Sit,” he demanded again, pointing to the kitchen table with his spatula.

Sarah dropped into a chair without protest. “I brought you clothes.”

She felt silly offering them up, but did so anyway. He nodded and then went back to browning the meat.

“Perhaps wearing clothes isn’t the best thing for my body.” He paused and then turned to her. “Perhaps it isn’t the best thing for yours either.”

She blinked at him. The suggestion to remove her clothes was so strong, she was pulling at the hem of her shirt before she realized she’d moved.

“What?” She responded lamely. “Wearing clothes is expected.”

“Not here in this house. Take them off, Sarah, as I’ve already told you to.”

She rose and in spite of her confusion began removing her clothing piece by piece, placing her clothes in a pile on the table. When she was as naked as he, she sat back down. The coolness of the wood jolted the words from her mouth.

“How did you get me to do that?”

He continued cooking, turning slightly so she could only see his profile. “It’s what you want to do. It’s what you want me to do to you. Isn’t it, Sarah?”

His words resonated deep in her core. It’s what she wanted him to do to her…

She shook the fuzziness clear. “I don’t know what I want?”

This time he did turn to face her. His eyes were far more intense than they’d been previously, reaching deep into her psyche and tugging on something she didn’t recognize.

“But I do. That’s what matters here.”

He held her gaze until she nodded her ascent. When he looked away, she felt the intense connection diminish a little.

She felt drained and rubbed a hand over her head to clear it. She looked up in time to see his head cocked as though listening to something.

“Go make a cup of coffee for yourself, you’ll need the energy. When you’re done, set the table.”

She moved into action at his command, the eagerness to please him winning out over the confusion.

Nipples out of my bra in post titled Domo Arigato

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  1. Harald Riedl

    You are an incredible woman, even bringing a robot to life absolutely convincingly. And your fantasy seems to be inexhaustible. If you are the same in real life you can do everything with men to make them do everything with you that you ever dreamt of. A great story admiringly told!

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      Not everything I write are things I’d like to do. Many are just ideas that want to be stories so I express them as such. I’m real life, I’d be willing to try anything at least once.

  2. Elliott

    Cara! This story stopped Way Too Soon. Talk about a cliff hanger, you must continue. You really set the stage and drew this reader in, it’s one of those stories that you start trying to read fast because you can’t wait to see what happens next. I like the name you chose for the robot, and the way you gave him to understand and know her was clever. Hoping that ‘Mr Roboto’ is a continuation.

    And the picture of your breasts I’m seeing is lovely, this is how I will picture Sarah.

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      I like to tease you a bit as usual. It was getting too long and I wanted it to be easier to read. Or I’m just a tease

    1. Post

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